The Ballad of Sweeney Todd

I have a long list of favorite Broadway plays and musicals of which Sweeny Todd is one. I see Angela Lansbury recreating one of her best roles for which she won more than one Tony. Imagine my excitement when I heard that there were auditions for this stellar work of art. It is a small role to be sure but who cares. I would be part of history. There are only so many classics in the theater which is why they are reviving so many old hits.

I put the audition date on my calendar and reread the play to prepare for my turn. I got to the rehearsal hall early to make sure I wouldn’t be late and miss my call. There were dozens of people waiting in line as I expected, but I didn’t let it get me down. Everyone has a chance so one day I will prevail. I so badly want to get my acting career off to a roaring start. The Ballad of Sweeney Todd would be ideal. It would be pure fun. I am gathering my wits about me and revving up my energy as I read for a part. They ask me if I could sing and dance and I quickly execute a few steps. I am in my element and hope to be recalled. They said they would post the finalists the next day on the rehearsal hall bulletin board. I could barely sleep that night. I had dreams about the play’s unique set. It has a creepy, but cool, barbershop chute and a really mean-looking meat grinder. It was scary enough to keep me awake for hours. The meat grinder in particular makes me cringe and gives me chills right down deep in my bones.

Sweeney Todd as a character is part and parcel of old Victorian melodrama which makes the modern version all the more interesting. Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler have executed a miraculous show that has stood the test of time. Now I have a shot at it myself. I could be part of resurrecting a macabre classic that revolves around—imagine this—meat pies. I have seen the piece a few times and each performance is different. This has helped me make my audition unique but in keeping with tradition. If you have not seen the play, by all means take advantage of it if it comes with a touring company to your town. You won’t get Angela, but you will get a great cast. You will see the weird set and experience the freakish oddness of the hit. It sure took imagination to put this drama together for the modern world. It is akin to stories like Lizzie Borden which was also made into a musical.

Wish me luck with my audition and soon I will reveal the results. I need every hand of support I can muster up. I need people rooting for me to prevail. Thanks for your time.