My Favorite Film

I have a lot of favorite movies, even though as a person on the autistic spectrum, I have a hard time with movies sometimes. For one thing, lots of scripts are written in such a way that a lot of the exposition and lines of dialogue are removed. There is this idea that an expression from an actor is going to tell you more than a whole passage of dialogue. I don’t think that this is true.

I think that this is just something that scriptwriters say so that they can be lazy. I also think that this is a function of the fact that you have to do everything in a really minimalist way if it is a movie. You only have two hours to work with and you have to make sure that every single line counts. I think that’s why I consider the 2011 film Margaret to be my favorite film.

This isn’t a film that a lot of people know about today, even though it isn’t an old movie yet. However, I really think that it’s a movie that manages to almost transcend the genre of movies. I have always liked books and television shows better than movies because they have so much more content and they are not as formulaic as movies, which are formulaic even at the best of times. Margaret is not a terribly formulaic movie, and that is why I like it so much.

The characters do not feel like they are just there in order to prop up the story. The characters actually act the way real people do, and that is not the kind of thing that you ever see in the movies. It isn’t just that the actors really act well, although the acting in the movie is very good. It’s that the conversations feel like real conversations because they don’t have a clean and streamlined formulaic look and feel.

I’m a stickler for accuracy in pretty much everything, and it’s great to see how real people actually are reflected in a movie. I really wish more movies would be like this, but movies have actually taken a step back. Margaret was actually filmed in 2005, and movies all throughout the 2010’s have been bad action sagas and special effects showcases. There are barely any well-written and quirky movies these days, and as someone who’s just a little bit quirky, I want that and I miss that.

I try to let movies like Margaret inform my performances. I feel that the movies these days may not get it, but that people really do like the more modernistic performances. Most of the shows that exist today are basically full of people just having casual conversations. They reflect the way people actually talk. I like that, and I think that movies should tend to feature more performances and effects like that instead of the action movie performances and action movie effects.

Maybe movies are not going to last. People might become so sick of them that they’re going to just stick to television, which is much better these days anyway, and which is getting more and more fans all the time. Then again, maybe movies are going to change. I have a hard time watching really old movies from before the 1970’s because the acting tends to be very melodramatic. I also don’t like all of the huge musical stabs. Movies today are not like that. They reflect reality much better. I think that the movies in the future are probably going to be like that. At the very least, they are probably going to have to be like that.

As an actress, I can’t wait to see how movies and acting will change in the future. Actors used to be told to be as dramatic as possible. They were not told that they should try to act like people do in real life. In fact, if they did that, people would have said that the performance was really boring and that they were just acting like everyday people and that no one wanted to see that happen. However, that really is not the case today. Today, actors are told that their performance is good if it is realistic. That is the performance that you have to cultivate if you want to be good today. I feel that the movie Margaret manages to show off how great that kind of acting is, and I think it is a movie that really reveals that mindset as well.