Kick Butt!

I am a real novice about some sports and form of exercise, not doing much in the way of a gym workout. However, now I have to sit up and take notice of boxing as I am trying out for a small part in a play that takes place in a boxing setting. I would be a boxer as part of the overall background, but I would have a few lines to say. More than the lines, I had to look the part and execute the right moves. Wearing the right clothing including those big gloves would help set the right tone. What fun. I have auditioned for so many jobs and each has its challenges. Some are more exciting than others and I crave parts which require me to learn new skills. Now it was time to add boxing to my normal fitness regime.

My gym has a couple of those large boxing bags but you can also work out with a sparring partner, but not in a ring. You work with a trainer who throws different punches at you to which you must quickly respond as you dance around each other. It can be tiring and it is a great way to stay in shape. The play had to do with a character who was about to go the distance and be a contender for the heavyweight title. There are many plays about boxers, but this one had a modern twist. The leading role was played by a woman. Think Laila Ali. Boy can she kick butt. She also was a finalist on Dancing with the Stars so I admire her no end. She is one of my idols for her versatile talents. When you are trying to establish a career in acting, you also have to be flexible and open to new things.

As I worked out and prepared for the role, I imagined Laila next to me egging me on. Go for it, she would scream. After weeks of enjoyment, I felt in shape and ready to try out for the part. I had to look like I, too, could kick butt. I think I was convincing at the audition and knew my way around a punching bag for sure. I knew how to put on gloves, lace up the proper shoes, and more. I was a boxer incarnate. Don’t be surprised, therefore, that I got a call back and eventually the part. Okay, its small, but I loved the role. I continued to stay in shape as I learned to express physical emotions. I had to convey them for people in the audience at a distance. I was sublimely on stage charged with energy and zeal.

The play got a good review and I was sorry when its short run was over. It was just a local production and not destined for Broadway. But it is an example of how surprising the acting field can be and how open-ended. Now on to the next audition and exciting role.