It was a Dark and Stormy Night

Sometimes I have major tales to tell, although my life is not always exciting. In fact, I try to stay calm most of the time and keep my emotions on an even keel. There are other times when I will recount mundane occurrences that nevertheless affect me to the core. You understand. Most of us go plodding through life one foot at a time. We just keep moving forward no matter what happens. In the midst of all the goings on that are simple or complex, I have to try to exercise, eat well, and get my required sleep. If I don’t, I know there is a price to pay. If I get less than six hours of rest, I am agitated the next morning. No one wants to wake up like that so I protect my time in slumberland as best I can.

One night this was not really possible because there was a nasty and lengthy thunderstorm. After a rough beginning, the menace knocked out the power and with it, my ceiling fan. I turn it on every night and if it is not operating, I miss it and start to toss and turn. It is not just to create circulating air, although it does that, or a night light. It functions as white noise, a term referring to a type of constant sound such as ocean waves or the whistling of a breeze. Everyone has their preference, but when you sleep to white noise, you rest more fully and for a longer period of time.

This particular night I was particularly restless having had a challenging day. I was attending an acting class and was asked to perform a difficult part in front of the other students. It was rather impromptu as requests go, typical of how the teacher operates. He wants you to think on your feet and not over prepare. I had ten minutes to review the material before I was up for criticism. It went pretty well, but nonetheless I was exhausted after finishing and couldn’t wait to get home. The afternoon hours passed and I was more than ready for bed at ten. But it was a dark and stormy night and you know what happened. I really was fidgety as I waited for hours for the power to come back on and activate my ceiling fan. I resorted to reading with a flashlight as my electricity didn’t work. I was at the mercy of Mother Nature. Only in the wee hours of the morning did the power return and thus the white noise of my fan. But it was too late and only a few hours remained before I had to get up and dress for work. It was a tough night, and the only benefit was that read a new play. It would be something we would be working on in acting class so I was a step ahead of the students. And now I could relax as I knew that this night, the fan would be on, making its soothing noise, to allow me to sleep.