I Got a Part!

I dream of the perfect part, one that is challenging and shows all my acting strengths. I will be a major role and not a mere cameo. It will require hours of rehearsals and eat up all my free time. But no matter. It will be a wonderful part in a well-written play. I am not yet expecting to appear in any film. I love the theater and welcome an opportunity to tread the boards. I fantasize all the time about the ideal audition at which I excel. I come for the first call and compete with many actresses, but then I get a call back and audition once more. This is the normal process and I go through it with gusto. I finally get the part. Such is my on-going dream. It keeps me pumped up emotionally and gets me going. I know that someday I will prevail. I work hard in acting class, go to a lot of performances, and try to hone my craft. I love my life and its future-oriented perspective.

This dream, oddly enough, became a reality, but in a really different way. I got a part, but not in a movie or a stage production. Believe it or not, it was for an infomercial. Imagine that. I would be seen multiple times on TV for many months; plus I would have an addition to my rather sparse resume. I welcomed the role. Infomercials are generally low budget and this one was no exception. It was being produced to sell a new kind of electric pressure washer. A what? I never even touched one before. I had to do my research to find out what it can do. Now I understand. It is an everyday item that anyone would have. The infomercial would no doubt bring in inquiries and eventual sales. I was paid actor’s scale which is not a lot, but in six months if the infomercial were successful, I would get a bonus.

After my research I became a pressure washer expert and knew all the various models and types. I now know that you can clean the oily garage floor or dirt off the exterior of your house. You can get that caked on mud stuck to your car’s wheels when you drove for a few miles in the rain. You can clean debris off your sidewalk with a simple adjustment of the hose. Yes, it has different levels of pressure to tackle any residential or commercial job. If you get professional quality, it will be useful and last for years. No doubt I would be demonstrating this in the infomercial and I had to sound convincing and sure. With this knowledge behind me and my newfound respect for the product, I was ready to be filmed. It only took a day and we wrapped up on time. I was so excited to have been part of anything that would be public. Even better, I was given a complementary pressure washer to take home.