Debate with Dad

One of the great advantages of living at home as an adult is that you continue to interact with your parents on some level. You know longer feel that they are protecting you at every turn as you remain independent. But you do rely on them for food and shelter and you try to offer something in return. Maybe you do chores around the house or the yard or you run errands and do the grocery shopping.

When I am around my dad, I often seek his advice and he in turn seeks mine. It makes for some interesting conversations and debates. It can be trying at times depending upon the subject. Even trivial issues can be blown out of proportion. Given my Asperger’s, dad doesn’t bait me with silly requests. But things come up that can become a problem for someone who is less than patient. For example, the hot water keeps running out when I want to take a shower. If I am not the first person of the day, I am out of luck. You can hear me complain quite often. It is so frustrating and the lack of hot water has really become a pet peeve. Many things are for me; it’s in my nature, but this time I want to draw the line.

I tried to convince dad to buy a new water heater and that a good tankless model would be best. Why at this stage, would you want to go old fashioned. I know the tankless are more expensive, but they also save on utility costs. I started a debate with him over its advantages, but he remained stubborn and unconvinced. It did get his attention when I said the whole family would be appreciative of his foresight to buy the right thing. But it didn’t do the job and I had to continue on praising the tankless water heater to the skies. I went to a supplier and got some literature so he could read the pros and cons and select the perfect size for our home. I also told him that they were inexpensive to install and that any handyman could do it. In fact, the supplier would send over someone qualified if we bought the item from their store. How easy is that! Dad was a little more open and there was hope that we would soon end the debate. I might get hot water in the morning soon enough. I wanted to be guaranteed of a great shower to start my day. It would relax me and prepare me to cope well with what the4 day would offer.

To end the story, we did get the tankless water heater and had it properly installed. They hauled the worn-out old model away and I was not sorry to see it go. Glorious hot water was ours the very next day. The tank we selected was economical and perfect for the number of people who lived under one roof. Oh happy day!