Costume Challenges

I have challenges but I don’t let my Asperger’s get in the way. I acknowledge my limitations, just like anyone else, and move on. We all face the same trials and tribulations in life and cope the best we can. For some it is just a little harder. Each of us is unique and is made up of a genetic mix, personality traits, and emotional baggage. Think about yours. We can help each other if we share our circumstances and methods of dealing with the everyday issues that arise. The biggest point I want to make is not to make something more problematic or complicated than it really is. Calm down when adversity strikes, sit back and try to relax, and don’t fear the worst.

For example, I was recently asked to be in a play in a regional theater near my home. Acting is my favorite pastime and I am studying it in the capital of the entertainment world—Los Angeles. I am blessed to be able to take advantage of opportunities as one can lead to another. Because of my nature, I am not, however, keen on wearing costumes that others have worn. They are clearly used and this is typical in the dramatic arts. It still doesn’t mean I like it or can tolerate it well. I do what I have to if I want to stay in the cast. It is particularly a problem for me with shoes. I have an aversion to wearing used footwear because I am afraid of contracting athlete’s foot from them. I abhor the idea of even the smallest bit of toe fungus. It discolors the nails, can ooze into your socks, and smells bad. It is hard to clear up if you let it spread. If you have to comply with the director’s wishes and you can’t wear your own shoes for the part you are playing, at the very least wear stockings or thin socks.

While I often make my own costumes and most of the time they are acceptable, obviously I can’t fabricate shoes. In the theater, costumes are often period pieces and that goes for what is required on the feet. You can see every aspect of what you wear from the audience perspective, so it all has to make the perfect effect. So I can make a costume and borrow the shoes. I am not going to let yellow toenails get me down. I will spray my feet with preventative powder and hope for the best. I am seldom required to wear sandals on stage, which means a bare foot.

So this is how I cope with life’s problems. I find a solution and don’t let roadblocks get in my way. It is hard sometimes to do this, but you force yourself to go forward to accomplish your objectives, no matter what the task. I will always love acting and embrace every aspect of the theater, risking toe fungus and more.