Friday, August 9, 2013

I Want to Teach My Daughter a Bad Word

I worked my entire parental life to try and keep bad words away from my daughter. Sure, the occasional bad word slipped out occasionally, but my daughter never seemed to notice. Thank goodness!

Now my daughter is 9, and she claims that she doesn't know what the F-word is. She knows there's the existence of one, but she doesn't have  clue what it is. Her friends at school have offered to tell her what it is, but she doesn't want to get in trouble with discussing forbidden words at school.

Considering I've already had "the talk" with her and that she is 9 years old, I told her that I am willing to tell her what the F-word is under condition that she never use it against her friends or at school at all. I told her that she's old enough and has the maturity to handle the information.

Plus, let's face it. She's friggin' 9 years old! I think at a certain point you're a bit of an oddity among your friends if you don't know certain things. I think I was the last kid in the neighborhood to learn about the F-word and I was 6 when I learned it.

My daughter surprised me by replying that she really doesn't want to know what the word is. She has no need for it, and she doesn't have the desire to learn what it is.

Her response really threw me for a loop. When I was a kid, I really wanted to know what all kinds of forbidden words were and what they meant. But I really respect my daughter for not wanting to know. She is so mature in some ways.

I'm sure this vocabulary innocence won't last but much longer. Part of me can't wait for the verbal freedom I'll have when that day comes.

Ha! Just kidding! I'm still going to try and be a role model for not talking like a trucker.

What age (if any) do you think it's appropriate for kids to know the F-word?

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  1. I remember when my autie-son, at age 14, chastised me for my opposition to swearing. "It's the only thing that makes me seem like everyone else," he explained. If a prudently-deployed f-bomb here and there buys him just a little cred with his peers, I say f**k yes! (I was a potty mouth as a teen, and now I am a delicate princess whose ever word glitters with politesse, love, and rainbows.)