Friday, February 8, 2013

World's Worst Blogger

Well, my 3-year blog anniversary came and went. The really sad thing is that I didn't even realize it until I saw a blog anniversary post from a bloggy friend of mine and remembered that we started our blogs on the exact same day. Which meant that it was my blog anniversary too.

When I started this blog, I worked really hard at blogging. I wanted to make sure my topics were interesting and well thought-out. I blogged 5 days a week. FIVE days! At least! I spent hours building up a following on Twitter and tried to amass as many followers as possible. When I wasn't on Twitter, I spent hours poring over others blogs, being sure to comment. I worked really hard at becoming affiliated with BlogHer, because it seemed that all the awesome bloggers were part of BlogHer. I was beyond thrilled when they finally accepted me. I felt I had arrived.

During this time, I was thrilled when I had 20 people visit my blog by noon.

Now, I just don't have the time and energy to devote to blogging that I used to have. Working 30 hours a week with another 10 hours a week of commute time really eats into the time one has to write! Spending time building and maintaining your community is impossible on top of that!

But to completely forget about my blog anniversary? Have I become that far removed from blogging?

I guess I have. I've considered killing my blog, but I still enjoy the idea of being a blogger. I still like to write when I have the time (which is never, but still).

The crazy part is that my numbers have never been better. I'm sure my bounce rate is pathetic (that's the percentage of people who visit my blog, but leave immediately without reading anything). But my number of visitors is huge (relatively speaking). Now, it's a slow day if I don't hit 100 visitors by noon. This increase in activity is due to Google searches. My blog must hit the top of the search, for some weird reason.

So, I'm getting weird positive reinforcement for NOT having and maintaining a community.


Anyway, I'm awarding myself the World's Worst Blogger Award!

I hope that I'll be able to carve out more time to write more often.

In the meantime, visit occasionally!


  1. I am officially entering the competition for WWB!! I don't have near the following that you do, but I share your lack of time. I think your title says it most! Quirky seems fun to me, so I immediately want to know what you have to say. Congrats on your anniversary!

    1. I don't know how long you've been at this blogging game, but I guess the seeds I planted years ago took hold over time. I'm shocked I've maintained my followers, but I'm not sure many are actually readers anymore and are just following me out of inertia! Pretty much all my blog hits are from Google! The huge numbers are recent. Maybe it's karma's way of telling me to stop writing? I still enjoy blogging! Maybe I should just shoot for a weekly post on the weekends!

  2. Wooohooooo! Congrats on your award (even if you DID give it to yourself!) :)