Wednesday, August 29, 2012

OMG! How Time Flies!

This week's Alphabe-Thursday is on the letter "O." O is for OMG!!!!!!!

Ten years ago from this Saturday, I married the love of my life. Ten years ago! I can't believe we've been married that long. Where has the time gone? It's all passed in a blink of an eye!

When I look at my eight-year old daughter, I often wonder when she grew so big. She was just a baby yesterday.

Somehow, I blinked and ten years passed in an instant.

It's insane!

I'm aware that time passes faster and faster the older you get, but this is just craziness!


I wish there was a button you could press that would slow time down--kind of like the button on a remote that moves the image a frame at a time.

I need that in the real life.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New School Year

Time to link up to Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday. The letter this week is "N." Considering that my daughter started school last week, I'm going to write about the new school year.

Last week, my daughter started the third grade. She seems like such a big kid now! I can't believe she's starting her second half of elementary school.

Her new teacher has the reputation of being the best in the school. Considering her teacher last year was amazing, it's hard to believe it can get any better.

While the teacher is top-notch, my daughter was disappointed to find out that many of her good friends have gone to other classes. Only a couple of her friends are in the new class with her.

Nevertheless, my daughter loves school, so she made the best of the situation and had a good attitude. For her, however, having fun at school meant going to the school library every recess and lunch to read. She also went after school to read and do homework until I can pick her up. She was dismayed that they library wasn't able to loan out books just yet, but she still loved to spend the time reading.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday, her teacher ordered her to NOT go to the library, but to play on the playground during recess and lunch. My daughter followed the order and met up with some of her old friends. She had a blast! She later told me that she was so glad her teacher forced her to stay away from the library!

Considering my daughter's class has 24 kids and that the teacher's break time is recess and lunch, I'm really amazed that her teacher was so on top of what was happening during this time and took action so quickly. Her reputation seems to be well-earned!

I'm hopeful that this year will be fantastic!

Here's to the new school year!

Monday, August 13, 2012

5 Cool Things about Menopause

This week, Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday is on the letter "M." I've been waiting for this letter for awhile. Menopause is kicking me in the arse big time lately. What started as week-long attacks of a hot flash or two a day, followed by months of nothing has turned into nonstop attacks over the last 4 months. I've been totally miserable. But I thought it would be a valuable services to highlight the cool things about menopause.

1. Save on Heating Bills

This winter, I'll be turning the heat off for a change. Who needs to run the heater when you feel like a volcano all the time? In fact, I'm sure the cool air will feel great for a change1

2. All This Sweat Must Be Melting the Fat Away

Right? It's been about 105+ degrees over the past week. Combine that with the hot flashes, and I've been sweating nonstop! I bet I'm losing a pound a day, easy! Who needs Jenny Craig?

3. Become Rich by Investing in Certain Commodities

My hot flashes have taught me that it could be wise to invest in products that other people may not fully appreciate! I really need to invest in Italian ices. I bet my purchases alone have increased the profitability by 300 percent. I need to buy now while the stock prices are still low.

4. You Don't Care What People Think About You

When all you care about is when getting some ice all over you or ice water inside you, you really don't care if people find you nice or attractive. You really just don't care (where did I put my ice tea? Damn!).

5. You Will Always Get Your Own Seat on the Bus

I'm guessing about this one, quite frankly. I drive everywhere so I have no clue. But I'm having a hard time coming up with 5 cool things about menopause.  Let's face it, who would want to sit next to the stinky, sweaty, crazy old lady giving everyone the evil eye? Exactly! So at least you can stretch out and make yourself comfortable.

Woohoo! I came up with 5 cool things about menopause! Who would have thunk it? Now  I'm going to get myself a drink and cry pathetically into it.

Just ignore the stinky, smelly, crazy old woman!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'd Love to Get Me a Wife! No, I'm not a Lesbian!

After taking a couple of weeks off, I'm back to linking up with Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday. We're already getting close to the middle of the alphabet! This week's letter is "L." L is for Lesbian.

First off, let me make it clear that I'm not a lesbian--not that there's anything wrong with that. It's just I couldn't come up with any other "L" words that fit the theme of this post.

Why would I like a wife? It would be awesome to come home to a cooked dinner and clean clothes, like my husband does. I was a SAHM for a number of years and had primary responsibility for doing household chores. Now, I'm working 30 hours a week outside the home. In addition to this, I commute another two hours or so a day, round-trip. Then I pick up our daughter and makes sure she does her homework (if it's a school night) and then prepare dinner and do whatever chores I need to do.

We do get a cleaning lady to clean the house every other week, which is a lifesaver, but everyday chores still need to get done. I'm the only person in the household who is in a position to do them.

This post is NOT about bashing my husband. He works VERY long hours and gets home late. It's out of the question for him to take on these chores.

Given our situation, I think it would be awesome to have my own wife to handle dinner, laundry, shuttling the kid around, and anything else like this that crops up.

Unfortunately, bigamy is illegal in California. Child labor is too, so I can't get my 8-year old daughter to tackle dinner for us.

Won't somebody just move in without the marriage certificate and help me out?


Is this mic on?