Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Q Is for....Hmmmm. What Word Starts with Q?

Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday is all about the letter "Q" this week! My Q word is quirky! What else could Q possibly stand for?

In case you're not a regular reader of my blog, I consider myself to be a bit quirky. But the real inspiration behind the quirky factor is my daughter. She definitely puts the Q in quirky. She turned 8 recently and attends a gifted magnet program. She's smart and funny and marches to her own drummer. I love that about her!

This is my third time running through the alphabet with Ms. Jenny, and I think I picked quirky as my Q word each time!

A great example of my daughter's quirkiness happened last week. I was telling her a story about a dad I met whose wife worked for the Disney Corporation. She always brought home free toys, and they had more toys than they knew what to do with. He complained that they just had to stack them up in their garage and were constantly tripping over them.

After hearing about this my daughter commented, "That's a luxury problem!"

Have I mentioned that I love my girl?

I thought so!


  1. Your daughter may be quirky, but she is smart. Cute comment she made.

  2. gosh, the second time I've seen quirky on this list! Seems reasonable for you, with your blog name! {:-D

  3. Don't you love seeing yourself in your kids?

    How cute!

  4. You have mentioned that you love her...a few times, to be sure. And what's not to love. She's the quintessential quality kid, maybe even more so than quirky! i think she must get some of it from her mom, who also seems pretty quality!

  5. I love the way she looks at things! She is amazing!

  6. Luxury problem. I love it!


  7. Leave it to a young girl to put some perspective on life situations for the adults. A luxury problem - that is definetly a phrase (and mindset) to be embraced by all!

  8. Lol, we had the same idea for the theme, now I know why "quirky" doesn't mean anything to you !

  9. Hello.
    Love your daughter's answer...she's a diva for sure! (lol) Thanks for sharing & visiting.

    A Quiet Evening

  10. The first Q word that popped into my head was 'Quinine' lol.

  11. How could you NOT love her. She is wonderful!

    I always love reading tales about her...still laughing over 'luxury problem'.

    What a clever girl she is!

    Thanks for linking up!


  12. A luxury problem... that's awesome, especially since it's coming from a quirky child:-)