Friday, March 9, 2012

Life Well Lived--Looking Your Best

BlogHer posed the following question: What will you be wearing this year? What are your spring trends?

Is it getting to be Spring already? I have to admit that I haven't given it much thought. I used to put almost as little thought into what I wore when I was a stay-at-home mom. I had the luxury of just putting on whatever was comfortable. For Spring and Summer, I'd generally shift to wearing t-shirts and skirts instead of my winter uniform of jeans and sweaters.

Now that I'm a working mom, I like to put a little more effort into the clothes I wear. My workplace is pretty casual, however. Jeans and t-shirts are perfectly acceptable. I do sometimes wear these comfy clothes, but I generally like to dress up a bit for work. I either wear casual slacks with a sweater or a dress with a cardigan sweater over it.

Now for my confession: I don't have time to hit the mall for clothes. I generally have no time to shop. Most of my wardrobe comes from Target because of the convenience factor. As I'm picking up laundry detergent there, I can pick up some sweaters or a dress.

I loved the clothes from the Albert Hu collection that was at Target, but the few items they had left were not in my size. Sigh.

Nevertheless, I'm sure I'll be buying a spring skirt or dress from Target.

Because that's the way I roll!

Click on over to BlogHer to see what the the top 10 fashion trends this Spring will be! Feel free to comment there as well.

Also, don't forget to visit the Life Well Lived Moments Sweepstakes and comment for your chance to win a Kindle Fire. I'm definitely going to try and win one!


  1. This is California and we are at that lucky stage of life where our size doesn't really fluctuate much. That means we get to wear the same stuff pretty much year round, year after year. I'm okay with that, although it does seem strange when I look back at pictures from when my son was small, and I realize I'm still wearing the exact same outfit. I'll let somebody else make the fashion statement. I'd rather make the comfort statement.

  2. I like to shop at Target for clothes, too, but find my size is usually not there either. My second favorite place to shop is Kohl's. I usually can find things there and they sometimes have pretty good sales.