Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam!

It's that time of the week again! Time to link up to Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday. Well, it's actually a little early to be doing that. I usually write a post on Sunday night and then again on Tuesday night. Tuesday's post is the one that I link up. This week, the Grammy Awards ran really late, and it was too late for me to write a post after them. So, I'm writing my post on Monday night. I figure it's close enough to Thursday to link up, right? The letter this week is "M." My topic is on spam mail.

Usually, I delete my spam as quickly as it arrives in my email inbox. Things have been so crazy lately, however, that it started to pile up. I let it pile up for 3 days, and I had over 150 email in my spam folder. Of that, about 4 were actual emails, including an electronic Valentine's Day card that my daughter sent to me (she's beyond sweet). The remaining 150 emails were truly spam.

I tried to breakdown the different categories they fell into. I couldn't account for every single one because many were just beyond boring. Or stupid. Here's the breakdown:

Deals on new cars: 3 emails

Deals on overstocked items: 3 emails

Dating sites: 9 emails (these included Christian dating, over 40 dating, over 50 dating, and African-American dating).

Tax Services: 4 emails

Insurance of some kind: 5 emails

Online pharmacy: 4 emails

Satellite television: 4 emails

Credit scores/Background checks: 6 emails

Coupons: 4 emails

Giftcard offers: 8 emails

Penis enlargement: 7 emails

AARP membership: 1 email

Wow, that only accounted for about 50 emails. I still had another 100 spam emails that were just too insipid to try and categorize.

The biggest shock was that AARP only sent me one email. The other big shocker was all the dating sites. Hello, I am married. I once heard that something like 50 percent of dating site members are married. That's one scary statistic. Do they purposely market to married people?

That's a scary thought!

What's in your spam folder?


  1. Luckily with my filters, not much spam mail gets through to me. Telemarketers are my big peeve and they can add up over a week too.

  2. Same here I like my filter but seems that there are some who can get through ^_^


  3. I get dating site e-mails too. The irony is that I met my husband online.

  4. I just hate all that spam! Ugh! The male enhancements, the wild women ads, ACK! I just dump it all! But we still have a land line and I truly detest all the political calls I get! Despicable!
    I do like your post though! Makes you stop and think!

  5. Oh, spam is everywhere these days. Once you make a purchase from a catalog your name goes out to everyone. Great post for this weeks letter.

  6. Spam is a nasty reality of modern life. I can't figure out who would really think that someone would buy penis enhancements from an email? I unsubscribe everywhere I can, but it's relentless....

  7. I thought maybe you were going to write about the famous Mystery Meat (spam)... I hate spam (email variety - well actually, both)...I don't even bother going thru the spam folder anymore. I figure if there's real mail in there, the sender will let me know when I don't respond. It's gross. Ha...you could have titled your post Married Moron Match-Making .. silly me.

  8. I delete them every day without even looking ! So usually I have about 10 to 15 per day. Doesn't bother me to click on the "delete forever" case.

  9. I don't get much at all. Maybe one or two a day...if that even. And Ms. Jenny told me what to change on my blog so people now have to join blogger in order to comment. I got rid of a lot that way. The spammers don't join.

  10. Since I changed over to Century Link, I get very little spam, and I am grateful for that!!

  11. I get all kinds of spam written entirely in Chinese!

  12. And More spam...

    Isn't it absolutely amazing how Much junk is out there...

    I wonder if they actually work on people...

    They Must because they wouldn't send them if they didn't...

    Marvelous post for the letter "M"!


  13. HAHA! This post just was spammed. Somebody commented and left a link for their "blog" which turned out to be an ad for penis enlargement.

    Thank goodness for spam filters!

    So ironic.

    So funny.