Friday, February 10, 2012

The Animal Way

At bedtime, we've been reading The Little House on the Prairie series. The other night, we read how Pa Ingalls predicted that they were going to have a long winter because they found a muskrat house with extra-thick walls. He said they knew the winter was going to be extra rough so they were prepared. Laura Ingalls was fascinated with this and asked how the muskrats knew that. Pa told her that G_d told them. Laura asked why G_d didn't tell this to humans. This led Pa to get philosophical and talk about how G_d needed to talk with animals since he didn't give them free will. He doesn't need to talk with humans since he gave us the tools we need to fend for ourselves.

My daughter became quiet and thoughtful after hearing this passage. She then stated that she believes animals have religion too. She qualified her statement to say that they practice their religion the "Animal Way" and not the way humans practice religion.

I wonder if animals' religion cause them to kill others who don't practice the religion in the same animal way that they do?

My daughter isn't the only person in this family with deep thoughts!



  1. The Little House on the Prairie me trae recuerdos de mi niñez.

  2. The Little House on the Prairie brings back memories of my childhood.

  3. Oh my goodness, the Little House On The Prairie was always a favorite of our oldest daughter! It will always remind me of her! Great post!