Monday, January 9, 2012

Mommy Fail!

We all have those moments where we don't live up to our idea of what the perfect mother is. Sometimes, the thought of our actions can be downright cringe-worthy. I had one of those moments this weekend. After a busy week of working and mothering, I was exhausted. Before my daughter went to bed on Friday night, I told her how much I was looking forward to sleeping in the next day; how much I really needed it!

The next morning, my daughter woke me at at 5:30. After I took her back to her room to see what the matter was, she told me that she needed more water. She also told me that she had been up for awhile and needed a hug from me. She then enthusiastically hugged me. I was shocked. Angry and shocked.

I told her that I was at a huge loss. I didn't understand why she would wake me up for a hug when I had told her how desperately I needed sleep. I told her that while I loved her very much and usually love the hugs, it was a selfish thing for her to do.

I then noticed that she didn't look well. I felt her forehead and it was burning hot. I then understood that she was up for awhile and needed a hug (and more water) because she was sick. I had just chided my sick child! I felt awful and apologized. A lot.

I know these kind of incidents happen to everyone, and my daughter totally forgave me. Nevertheless, I hate when they happen.

Can't I be perfect all the time--or at least some of the time?

That would be nice!


  1. I've had angry moments like that where I say something I wish I had not because my son looked so hurt after I said it or I realized he probably is just too young to comprehend adult issues and I can't expect that much out of him.

  2. We all do that I think! Or hope... Lol either way it's not JUST you! Last week Kekito was NOT going to sleep. He kept yelling out movie lines, "go to bed now Kekito!", and requests for toys and drinks. Finally at 1 am, afraid of waking his brother, I pulled him into bed with me (a rare treat), and then he did the most adorable thing: he sounded like he was hyperventilating with laughter and said, "Mommy, I'm so ecited (excited)!!!" it was adorable, but I tiredly and reactively shouted, "go to sleep!!!" I felt horrible immediately and thought, dang Jill.... Back in the days of him being non verbal, you would have prayed for this moment, and threw him a party if he did this.... Even at 1 am! I guess it just happens. Each mom can only take so much when they are dead tired.

  3. Unless you have been up all night with a sick child you can't possibly know how truly exhausting it is. I so get it... there have been weeks where I've gone from one child being sick to the other child being sick to the OTHER child being sick. You want to scream. Mom's put up with a hell of a lot and sometimes we just break down. She forgave you, you need to forgive yourself... and move on.

  4. I think we've all had Mommy Fails like that. One day The Boy told me he wasn't feeling well and I sent him to school anyways... he puked all over the teacher within the first 10 minutes of school and I had to go get him, shamefaced. :(

  5. It would be great to be perfect,but then what would we write about? Nobody likes a no-it-all. :) You're SO not alone!

  6. If that's your worst mommy fail, I think you're doing a pretty good job :) Of course, I always wonder why they didn't just say they weren't feeling well in the first place!

  7. We all do things like that. Daddys and Mummies alike.

    The best part is that you apologised to her. That's a great thing because it teaches kids that parents can make mistakes too and that the way to fix them is to apologise.

    Well done.

  8. Been there, done exactly that and yeah - feel like crap afterwards. Welcome to parenthood. At least she's compassionate with you. LOL