Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year and HIghlights from New York Trip

I had a nice break! We went on vacation to Illinois to visit family, then New York for the holidays. We arrived in New York on Christmas night and decided it would be great to see the tree at Rockefeller Center. Just us and one million other people! New York was insanely crowded for some odd reason. I heard something about a New Year's Eve party in Times Square? I don't know, but it was difficult to walk around there due to the mass of people. We had to wait in line to get into the Metropolitan Museum of Art, get out of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (I'm not kidding), and even FAO Schwarz had a line to get in. Going to New York City between Christmas and New Years apparently is not that original of an idea. Go figure!

We had a great time though! In addition to the activities I mentioned above, we went to the Natural History Museum, ice skating in Central Park, Times Square (but not on New Year's Eve), walked the ethnic neighborhoods of China Town and Little Italy, walked the artsy areas of Soho, Noho, and the Village, took a Harbor cruise to see the Statue of Liberty, and took in the beautiful views of New York from the top of Rockefeller Center. We took a carriage ride around Central Park in the freezing cold. We also caught up with old friends of my husbands and managed to hightail it out of town before the madness of New Year's Eve.

One of my favorite memories of the trip was watching my daughter look at the art in the Metropolitan Museum. She would take her time staring at the paintings that interested here and would read the detailed descriptions next to the painting. This made me rather uncomfortable when she was looking at this painting with the following description:

The subject of the picture, previously identified as Tarquin and Lucretia, seems rather to show Tamar being raped by her brother, Amnon. According to II Samuel 13:1–22, Amnon, a son of David, fell in love with his sister Tamar. With a friend he conceived of a ruse whereby he feigned illness and requested that his sister attend him. When alone, he turned on her and raped her. Overcome with revulsion for what he had done, he then had her expulsed from the bedchamber. Their brother, Absalom, discovered the deed and had Amnon slain.

That's the stuff I like my 7-year old to read about. Interestingly, my daughter was always drawn to the paintings that had nudity in them. When we asked her about it later, she said that many of these paintings had Venus in them, who she found to be so beautiful. She did attract the attention of some people in the museum who seemed to be amused watching her take in the paintings and studying them at length.

Another fun moment was watching her shout "Occupy Wall Street!" when we went to Zuccotti Park. Okay, she was the only "protester" there, and she did it because we asked her to for our video, but she was adorable nevertheless.

My favorite moment though was when she seemed enchanted by the horse and carriages, but then was horrified by the whips the drivers had, declaring that she didn't want to go on a ride. When we explained that the whips were only for show, she felt much better. Later, when we took a ride, our driver assured her that he only uses the whip on cabbies. I don't know when she became an activist for animal rights, but I love it! It makes me so proud that she has such a big heart and cares about these type of issues at her age!

Happy New Year indeed!


  1. Happy New Year! It's amazing what our kids "see" when they are out and how big their hearts are.

  2. Sounds like a fun trip! We've taken Trevor there. He loves NYC!

  3. Love NY. I would have guessed she would love the natural history museum, but how great that she loved the art! Happy New year to you all :)

  4. My Grandlittles were telling me I should take them all to New York because they've never been there. I think that would have to be a 'one-at-a-time' trip!

    It would be fun to share all the wonders of that amazing city someday with each of them!

    Sending you warm wishes for creative and lovely 2012.

    I'm playing ketchup...and sadly, I don't even have any fries to go with it!

    Hugs from Arizona!