Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Paranormal Interests

It's that time of the week again--time for linking up with Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday. The letter this week is the letter "P." P is for paranormal interests.

Just a side note: I'm going to the BlogHer 11 conference, so I may be slow in visiting people's posts! Please have patience! I'll try to get to everyone's by Tuesday next week!

I blogged about this in the past, but I love all things paranormal--particularly ghosts! I've been in hog-heaven since all the paranormal ghost shows have come out including Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Dead Famous (oh, how I miss you), and Destination Truth, among others! Actually, of these shows, my favorite has become Destination Truth. It's really hilarious and fun to watch folks do REALLY crazy things to find ghosts (such as ghost hunt in Chernobyl or in Antarctica) or go scuba-diving in the dead of night to try to locate some sea serpent in an exotic part of the world. It's really fun stuff!

Well, imagine my surprise when my daughter started telling me about some "scary" videos she watches on an internet site she loves called Poptropica. I figured, how scary can this site be? As far as I knew, they featured games centered around children literature such as "Diary of a Wimpy Kid."

But then my daughter started telling me about an animal an animal that kills livestock that is oftentimes coyotes, but mistaken for some type of monster. I looked at her surprised and asked if she was talking about the chupacabra. She said she was! I hadn't even heard about the chupacabra until a few years ago! She then went on to tell me about videos on sea serpents, the Jersey Devil, Big Foot, and many others. Apparently, Poptropica has a whole section of videos on cryptozoology!

I was in shock! The first thing I thought was, "Yeah! Finally I can watch Destination Truth with somebody!" because my husband hates watching anything about the paranormal. That is, unless it's a really bad zombie movie. Then he's totally in!

My daughter's fascination with the topic has me wondering about the role of genetics concerning what we find interesting and what we don't find interesting, in addition to other areas of taste! It appears that my love of all things paranormal may be stronger genetically than my husband's distaste for it. However, my daughter seems to share most of her food preferences with my husband!

Go figure!


  1. all of my kids are major poptropica fans. even my 13yr old. I actually like the site too and like to watch them play it. They did that scary part on it too and made me watch those videos and I did think it was a bit scary for kids. You can look up cheats on you tube on how to get around the site if she is interested or stuck in a certain area...anyway--I think its the way with all kids now though. the macabre is cool. Like anything vampire, werewolf, ghost, wizard, warlock, harry potter-ish anything like that etc...its a whole marketing thing I think towards our kids that they all click with. Its terrible but i see why kids are drawn to it. I personally don't approve of kids focusing too much on it but some is ok. I think the poptropica one was scary fun. I think with kids as long as you keep it fun its ok. not too scary is that one on poptropica was actually educational/scary i thought.

  2. Hmmm...
    Your husband happens to love good (or even decent) movies about the paranormal. I never miss them.

    I just don't like mediocre low-budget reality shows on the SciFi Network!

  3. I love all those ghost shows!

    I can only watch them during the day though. Otherwise I freak myself out at night.

  4. I have never heard of that site but I do like those paranormal shows. I cant watch them at night though

  5. I agree with Andrew! A good movie is a good movie.

  6. With all the goats around here, we're very watchful of the chupacabra! Millie actually fought one off last summer leaving her extremely anemic (really, it makes sense if you follow her blog).

  7. I agree that interests like that are hereditary. So far it seems I have the most in common with my oldest son. I love paranormal stuff!

  8. It's always fun to share an interest with our children.

    Why not ghosts?


  9. I didn't know that about you! It's amazing to see our little interests and quirks coming out in our kids :)

  10. It's also ok to "NOT" share that particular interest. I am not a fan of horror movies or parnaormal movies. My husband brought home that Paranormal Activity movie and I had nightmares and visitors in the night for two weeks. I don't believe in opening doors to evil! Creepy!But that's just how I feel.~Ames

  11. How neat! I bet this just made you do the happy dance!

    I'm glad she'll watch with you...I would be creeped out!

    Have fun at BlogHer! I suspect you'll be shining as brightly as the sun there!

    Thank you for linking.