Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Fun Vacation! Kind of...

Other than the BlogHer 11 Conference for me, we're not going on vacation this summer. I must admit feeling a tinge jealous when I hear about fun trips other people are taking!

Anyway, a friend of mine was going on vacation for this week (lucky duck) and asked if I could check in on her cat once a day to make sure he has water and food and to clean his litter box. She lives in a large condo complex that has a ton of amenities. I don't really have a ton of free time to cat sit, but I used to have a cat and I know how hard it can be to find people to pop in and take care of your cat! I felt that since I've been on the receiving end so many times, it was my turn to help out.

It's turned out to be a lot of fun--not the taking care of the cat part, but the enjoying her condo's amenities part! I'd love to pet her cat, but he's been hidden from me each time I've come over. We've used the pool twice. It's really gorgeous and very kid-friendly! Last night, we took advantage of the condo's parking spot because the complex is located 3 blocks from a great fireworks show! People walk from huge distances to see this show while we had primo parking!

Speaking of seeing the fireworks show: this was actually a big deal! My daughter doesn't have major sensory issues, but she is sensitive to loud noises. It used to be pretty bad, but it seems to be getting better as she's getting older. Public toilet flushes used to be too loud for her, but not anymore! Anyway, she wanted to go to see fireworks this year. We just had to take advantage of the great parking--it was fate!

I was a little nervous that the fireworks would be too loud, but they weren't! My daughter loved the show!

This cat-sitting gig turned out to be awesome! I felt like I was on vacation this weekend!

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July holiday!


  1. That's wonderful! I wouldn't mind a gig like that! Sounds great! The parking spot alone sounds worth it. =)

  2. I'm so glad that your daughter enjoyed the fireworks because those things can be heart pounding noises.