Monday, July 18, 2011

Birthday Recap and a Virtual Trip to Hawaii

I had a nice, quiet birthday. Carmageddon turned out to be a nonevent. Nevertheless, my husband had to work on Saturday, so we really didn't celebrate my birthday until Sunday night when we had dinner at Roy's.

Roy's is an interesting chain restaurant. We first discovered it when we went on a trip to Hawaii. I had just found out I was pregnant two days before the trip, so I wasn't able to drink alcohol or eat too much fish. I didn't care. I had a blast! My husband and I thought the food was fantastic.

After we returned to L.A., we were bummed to learn that there weren't any Roy's remotely near us. That changed a couple of years later, when one opened 10 minutes away from our house!

This was my daughter's first trip to Roy's! She had a blast. She learned a bunch of Hawaiian words and did her version of the hula! The kids' menu is pretty funny. It's a fixed price 3-course dinner which costs $13. For $13, your child can get pasta with butter and parmesan cheese (what a rip-off) or get short-ribs (what a bargain!). My daughter ordered the short-ribs and loved them!

We had a good time!

The favorite thing about my birthday? It was getting a homemade card from my daughter containing her own unique poetry. This is what the card said:


I love you lots.

You walk, but a dog runs.

Mice aren't very nice,

But you are,

And that is better than it is to be age 47 (crossed out and replaced with a 46, my actual age).



That gave me the biggest laugh of the weekend!


  1. I love her poem! Glad you had a wonderful birthday! (Aren't you glad to be nicer than mice?)

  2. The poem said:
    "I love you lots,
    You walk, but a dog TROTS."

    That rhymes!