Thursday, June 2, 2011

Who Knew?

If you read my post yesterday on parasites, you get the idea that kids with Asperger's can find some different type of stuff interesting! My daughter is certainly no exception to this. She finds countless things fascinating.

About a week ago, I was driving my car while she was in the back seat reading a book about Colonial times. Oftentimes, she loves to share what she reads with me, but I must admit, I sometimes glaze over. That didn't happen this time! I found what she was sharing with me to be really interesting. I learned some fascinating information about Colonial times.

For example, did you know that colonists could be sentenced to death for stealing a silver spoon? I don't know if this happened if they stole a tin spoon. But if the spoon was silver, they could die!

Also, kids worked on the family farms. School wasn't an option for many families. However, don't feel too sorry for the kids. According to my daughter, the two drinks everyone (including kids) consumed were beer and cider. I'm assuming the cider was the "hard" kind. My daughter said they even drank beer and cider at breakfast time. According to the book she was reading, the colonists considered water to be unhealthy to drink!

Sure, you risked death from committing little crimes and had to work really hard from a young age, but at least you were able to go through your day drunk, and it was socially acceptable!

Those were the days!

Who knew?


  1. At least it's not just information about video games! For a while, Michael was really into space, but now he is in love with Mario and Sonic!

  2. Who knew our ancestors got blitzed at breakfast?!? That's information worth sharing.

    My son has a fascination with how things are made and will tell you (ad nauseam) how anything works--including your toilet, fridge, car, compressor...

  3. There's still quite a bit of that going on around the world, Cheryl... :-)

  4. Okay I asked my 4th grade son who has been studying VA history all year , oh and who also has Aspergers... and he confirmed that yes it seems our forefathers were drunks. He then went on and on and on the way only an Aspie can about how if they drank the water they could become delusional. It was interesting but somewhere around the 20 minute mark I totally tuned out! LOL Gotta love them.