Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

I know this is a little late for a weekend wrap-up, but I was busy hanging out at Mommy Pants yesterday!

First off, we had our daughter's IEP on Friday. I'm happy to report it went great! Our daughter got the support she needs for a successful year at school. Yay! After that, the teachers at the school hosted a wonderful volunteer luncheon for the parents that volunteer their time. Then, my daughter and I went to a swim party of a classmate of hers! It was a very fun, but exhausting day.

We didn't do much through the rest of the weekend, except for my daughter's soccer game. There weren't many kids that showed up on Sunday. Her team only had 3 kids. The kids that take the lead in playing offense and defense were not there! Nevertheless, the team was able to hold on to their perfect season and won their game. My daughter scored two goals during the game! Yay! They were playing against The Terminator's team, and the only reason why my daughter's team won was that The Terminator showed up really late--well after the game was already halfway done, and he really held back this time. I guess after he destroyed my daughter's team the last time (one kid quit our team after that game because of the ball The Terminator kicked in his face), the coaches must have talked to him about taking it easy on the little kids.

After the game, we went to a neighboring park so my daughter could play on the awesome playground equipment and ride her bike. We ran into The Terminator and his mom there. I chatted with the mom and found out that The Terminator has never played team soccer before and is totally self-taught. Holy-moly--that kid is talented! I thanked him for holding back on the full wrath of his ability. I will be shocked if he doesn't end up becoming a professional soccer player. That kid is amazing!

Monday at work they had a huge party to celebrate some exciting news. E-bay has bought them out! They had a DJ spinning some cool music and had gourmet food trucks that served sushi, Indian food, and BBQ chicken sandwiches. They also had a gourmet ice cream truck that served yummy dessert items.

Overall, it was a lovely weekend. I hope you had a good one too!

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