Monday, June 13, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane

When I look at my daughter, I can't believe how big she's gotten. All signs of her babyhood have been gone for a long time. Now, I see the start of a big girl. She's growing by leaps and bounds and has the attitude of a teenager. Okay, I imagine the 'tude will be a lot worse when she actually is a teenager, but still!

I find myself getting nostalgic for the times when she was a baby. Mind you, I'm actually having a lot more fun with her now. But there were definitely some funny times when she was a baby.

I've blogged countless times about how my daughter loves to read and how she started reading at four. But she was interested in reading at an even younger age. When she was about 14 months old, she showed a huge interest in it. I made up cards that had words like "nose" "belly" "mommy" "daddy" and others written on it. I would show her these cards, and she would point to her nose or whatever the card said. She was actually pretty good at reading the cards and really loved doing them.

Ironically, I recently asked my daughter what her earliest memory is. She couldn't really say what the VERY first memory was, but she did remember doing the cards as a baby! I think it's hilarious that's the first thing she most likely remembers! I actually stopped doing the cards with her because I was afraid it would keep the creative side of her brain from developing. I thought it was pretty clear that she would be an early reader and didn't really need a huge push in that directions.

One memory that is in my head right now was when my daughter was about 19 months old or so. She was eating a turkey sandwich for lunch. She then took some of the turkey out of her sandwich and went to an ABC book she had. She turned to the "T" page which had a picture of a turkey. She took her turkey meat and pretended that it said "Momma" to the turkey in the book.

Ah, fun times!


  1. I'm amazed that she did that at 19 months. No wonder you had a hunch she'd be an early reader!

  2. Wow, I can't believe she remembers those cards and reading/recognizing letters so early...amazing.

    I know what you mean though about losing traces of her babyhood. My son is there too...*sigh*.