Sunday, June 5, 2011

Check Me Out At Mommy Pants!

I'm really honored to be over at Mommy Pants, Cheryl Rosenberg's amazing blog. If you've never been to Mommy Pants, you really have to check it out. Cheryl is a wizard with words! She also heads up The Red Dress Club, which is a wonderful group that works on writing fiction.

I've been reading Cheryl's blog for about a year and have always been a huge fan. I finally got to meet Cheryl last month when she performed at a show called Listen to your Mother. The show had (mostly) mothers do readings about being a mother. Most of the women were bloggers like Cheryl, but others were comedians and/or actresses. It was a terrific show. The highlight was meeting Cheryl afterward. She was as nice, intelligent, and funny as she comes across in her blog.

If you're visiting me from Cheryl's blog, make yourself at home and feel free to sniff around a bit! Some of my favorite posts are listed on my sidebar. That's a great place to start off. I mostly write about the joys and challenges of raising a 7-year old girl who has Asperger's.

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