Friday, June 24, 2011

Asperger's and Obsessions

When my daughter was first diagnosed with Asperger's at 4.5 years of age, I read anything I could about the syndrome. One of the characteristics that is really apparent with Aspies is an obsessive interest in a particular area. The book or article would then detail the areas of interest. It would look something like this:

--French literature.

This list isn't based on anything I've looked at, it's just some commonly known areas. I'm sure there are other topics that I just haven't thought of yet. At the time, I remember laughing at the French literature topic. I couldn't imagine my 4 year old reading French literature. I ended up being right about that. Two weeks later, my daughter started reading a little bit of Spanish, trying to teach herself some words. Recently, she even tried to teach herself some Russian phrases. She hasn't shown much interest in French yet.

Other than that, my daughter had shown a strong interest in everything that has ever been listed. It's really weird how predictable the topics of interest will be for a child with Asperger's! The one thing she's avoided has been Pokemon.

Not anymore! My daughter is now obsessed with Pokemon. The boys in her class have been sharing their cards. It's been very big among the 7-year old crowd. I don't know where my daughter developed her interest in Pokemon, but I'm sure it came from school.

She made a giant Pikachu on poster board yesterday and has been taking Pik (as I like to call him--or is it a her?) with her around the house. She also really wanted Pokemon cards, so I treated her to a big set to celebrate the end of a successful first grade year. I don't think these cards are that popular with the girls at her school, but that's okay!

She's just working her way down the list of hobbies! I wonder what will be next!



  1. If my comments come in twice, sorry. Commenting from the phone.

    I use to think the DSM IV should include Pokemon obsession in the criteria for Pervasive Developmental Disorders. I swear I know more about Pokemon then one mom ever should. If you ever have any questions, holla ;)

    Oh by the way to help feed the obsessions Happy Meal toys at McDonalds are now Pokemon :)

  2. This made me laugh out loud!

    My son goes through cycles: Pokemon. Then: Super Mario Brothers. Then: Sonic the Hedgehog. Next: MegaMan. And Pokemon begins again.

    And now I'm an expert on all of them!

    I love your blog. Thank you!

  3. Moe doesn't have any real obsessions yet. I wonder what they'll be.

    She's a great artist, BTW!

    Right now I'm obsessed with
    white wine
    skinny cow ice cream
    what I'm going to wear to BlogHer...

  4. YES my son definately goes through different obsessions. Last month it was anything Mario. This month it's powerlines. He's always into the weather. But next month it might be Transformers.

  5. Your daughter is really talented--Her drawing is amazing!!

  6. She did a wonderful job on drawing Pokemon! I think obsession comes with all children at one point or another. My 12 years old has been collecting Pokemon for years, then went on to another, and another...

  7. Elevator videos get no respect. Hmmpf!!

  8. How funny! I've never seen that list before but I could already check off most of them. I also laughed at the French literature, but now that I think about it...he's really into learning Spanish. Last time we were out at a Mexican restaurant, he informed the bus boy that the table behind us was "Esta sucia." After he cleaned it up, he stated, "Ahora esta limpia!" I'd love for him to learn more, but that means I'll have to keep one step ahead of him so I'll know what the heck he's saying. haha

  9. I have AS and I'm obsessed with science, chemistry, and tennis.