Wednesday, June 8, 2011

10 Things I Hate

Hate is a strong word. It really isn't a word I should take so lightly as to write a list of things I can think of in 20 minutes' time. Nevertheless, it's Alphabe-Thursday over at Jenny Matlock's and the letter of the week is H. For whatever reason, I cannot come up with any H words other than hate.

So, here are 10 things I hate, in no particular order except for when things pop into my head:

1. I hate when some Bozo crashes into my car in a parking lot and doesn't take responsibility for the damage. I really enjoyed seeing my badly scratched bumper after my daughter's social skills class! Just because my car is 14 years old and dirty doesn't mean you do not have to take responsibility for hitting it.

2. I hate when a politician I actually like does something skivvy. I adored John Edwards until he acted like a dick-wad to his terminally ill wife and their kids. Now there's Weinergate. Just because you're hung like a horse (wow, more great H words), doesn't give you the right to Twitter your pictures. Then lie about it. Can't politicians stop acting like 12 year olds? Never mind, silly question.

3. I hate that I don't have the same figure I had when I was 19. I miss the days of eating whatever I wanted and looking really thin!

4. I hate that my blog is only getting a fraction of the comments that it used to. Yes, I know working part-time has taken a toll on the quality of my writing. I also know it's taken a toll on the amount of time I have to visit and comment on other people's blogs. I don't care! I just want oodles of comments!

5. I hate that I now have to enter stupid captcha codes when posting links on Facebook. If I have to do it, why can't they at least make the damn codes legible? I hate having to try and enter it 7 times because I can never quite make out the letters and numbers.

6. I hate tantrums. It's bad enough that I have the occasional one, but the fact that my daughter still has them also just drives me nuts. When is she just going to grow up so that I can be the drama queen in the family?

7. I hate my husband nit-picking me, and the fact that he's right most (okay, all) of the time. It really pisses me off.

8. I hate that we have to fight for any type of service my daughter is legally entitled to get. We're pretty lucky, actually, because for the most part, others agree she needs the services. I know plenty of other people who haven't been as successful and that sucks.

9. I hate that ALL children have so little resources provided to them to give them a quality education in California. We're one of the richest states, with one of the highest state sales tax, and our schools are among the worst funded. It's insane.

10. I hate that it's the beginning of summer season, and I haven't gotten around to shopping for a new bathing suit, which I desperately need. I just can't do it. It's way too depressing.

What things do you hate?


  1. Grumpy today!!!! How about the 10 essential things to have for summer?

    I hope things perk up for you soon!

  2. I'd have to agree with most of your list!! Here's your comment, pumpkin. Sorry I haven't been by in a while. Oh, and screw the swimsuit, get yourself a mumuu and a box of twinkies and get our sugar buzz on!!

  3. Comment, comment comment....hehe! I think some of our politicians should sit in a social skills class. Just sayin.

  4. Oh no. You said the BS words. Oy.

    Hope this helped get all the ick out of your system.

  5. Hey!...I really enjoyed your H word, and I tend to agree with all ten. You know the ole sayin',"don't be haten'", well these are some we all can relate too, I be with ya gurlfriend!!
    I visiting from JennyMatlock Alphabe Thursday.
    Great "H" word.
    Come check out my "H" word-Hero!!

  6. I'm right there with you when it comes to hating FB's captcha requirement. I had to change the words 3 times today before I could read it.

  7. Sometimes it's really good to acknowledge what bothers you. Now I hope you now feel better after getting your hates off your chest. :)

  8. Hope your feeling better after your rant! Sometimes that's the best thing to do.

  9. I hate shopping carts left all over parking lots. I don't want dings in my car and won't even grocery shop on windy days.

    As for the politicians I had trouble deciding which one I disliked the most...John Edwards, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Congressman Weiner. Actually, I think Edwards is the worst of the bunch, Arnold is a close second, and the Congressman is third.

  10. I try to hate as little as possible but I hate not being able to do so.

    I hate when drivers make speedy u-turns and expects the pedestrian to run across without getting hit - that has been a case many times for me and now I fear crossing streets when I see a car with a signal to turn.

    there's a lot more but I think two is enough for now.

    and I agree with you on politicians - I think they should behave like responsible adults or don't bother to run for office.

    I hope you have a lovely day anyhow.

  11. oops sorry i guess i shouldn't have parked next to you since my kids always ding into other cars when opening the car doors. usually i try to park away from other cars to prevent this. and that was probably me that left the shopping cart in the lot too...

    anyway... i have been really busy. thinking of u though :)

    i hate that i don't have to blog or comment as much as i was.

  12. Now that is a great idea for a 'H' post! Brill!

  13. Great list Cheryl! Like you, I'm a little disappointed that I can't visit and comment as much as I used to.

    And? People who dent and scratch cars then leave...hate that too!

  14. I agree on all 10. And, when any politician becomes a douche for thinking with his little head, I get mighty angry.

  15. Number 1 happened to me too! I hate it. And I totally agree with 8 and 9. Same here.

    In fact I kind of wish I would have had the "10 things I hate" idea too.

    Would make a good weekly meme.

  16. I hate that my vacation will end and I'll have to go home at some point....


  17. Good list!

    But I live in California, too, and aren't we about as close to bankrupt as it gets? (Not that I don't agree that we need to change our priorities and stress education as one of our top priorities.)

    We also need to dig our way out of our financial mess.


  18. Great list! I try not to use the word "hate" either, but somehow, "I really truly intensely dislike whatever" doesn't carry the same oomph! I'm new to your blog, but as the mom of a 12 year old aspie, I will be back for sure. Thank you for being here, and reminding me that the normal craziness that is our lives is normal for others too...

  19. I hate feeling grouchy! I had a couple of weeks I didn't feel so good - and some of those days I was good enough to be up, but felt bad enough to be a grouch.

  20. I HATE it when I don't get comments either. And I've totally given up on politicions

  21. I liked John Edwards too and it makes me mad that I was fooled by a fool! As a teacher, I hate that I worker harder now than ever and still people think I do nothing....please don't get me started. I will comment more on your posts, i do read them.

  22. This list made me laugh. Because it's so true. Right now, I hate that my good friend is fighting cancer. :(

  23. I LOVE your list! Mainly because I agree with you on ALL counts!!

  24. I share your pain on so many of the items on your list. John Edwards was such a disappointment. As for number 10! I can't even think about a swimsuit this year. I don't think they come in whale sizes! Sigh.

    Thanks for a thought provoking link!

    And thanks for linking up.


  25. Having just repaired my 12 year old Saturn because someone damaged the front of my car and took off without even a "Sorry" - I so understand what you are saying.
    I think we all should list 10 things that drive us up the wall - and do it on a regular basis!