Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Scientists that Have Poor Table Manners

Hubby wasn't feeling great, so we took it easy this weekend. Nevertheless, we had a nice time relaxing! My daughter seems to have gotten through her difficult behavior and has been a total delight since last Wednesday!

One funny exchange that happened was at dinner last night. My daughter took her penne pasta and started sucking the sauce through it like it was a straw. I stared at her doing this and was horrified.

"What terrible table manners!" I chided her. "When you're at an important business dinner, trying to land a $3 million dollar grant for your science research, how will this behavior go over with your potential investors? Would they invest in you when you behave like this?"

Without missing a beat, my daughter replied, "I obviously would not behave this way in that situation. Anyway, when I'm at that point in my life, I'm sure I'll have good table manners."

I laughed and said that I'm sure some of the top scientists probably do have horrible table manners. This perked her up, and she wanted to hear examples of who has really bad table manners. I told her that I didn't know anyone for sure and was only guessing.

Nevertheless, I think I made her evening.


  1. She was just using her creative juices. This summer, why not let her sip some lemonade through a piece of red liquorice?

    Be sure to take pictures of this strange behavior, so tht you can show her boyfriends in about 10 years!

  2. Funny story! My Aspie 13-year-old loves science too -- wants to be a roller coaster engineer -- still eats pancakes with his hands... at IHOP! He's been through about a dozen social skills classes that involved going out into the community and learning how to eat properly -- but he still likes to eat like a caveman. He also wears what he eats. I feel like I own stock in Tide and OxyClean.

  3. Oh, so clever! There is a restaurant that uses big thick pasta tubes for straws in their drinks - definitely not gluten free, though. :)

  4. My son loves anything that has to do with science.

  5. I really love how smart...and right...she is :)