Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Zany Brainy!

I'm linking this post to Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday. Every week, I have to write a post that addresses the letter of the alphabet! Today's letter is the letter "Z." That's right, it's the very last letter! I have no idea what I'm going to write on Wednesdays to come! Shudder! For the letter "Z," I'm going to write about my zany little girl!

My daughter is zany! There is just no other way to describe her. Well, quirky describes her also! Quirky probably describes her better than zany does. But the letter of the week is Z, so I'm going to have to say that zany fits her better than any other word!

After our daughter was diagnosed with autism, my husband and I pored over every book and article we could find on autism and Asperger's. One thing that came up a lot was that many kids on the spectrum suffer from anxiety and depression. This especially worried my husband. I wasn't as worried, however. While my daughter tantrummed a lot during this period, she actually seemed like a pretty happy kid otherwise.

Nevertheless, we started consulting with a psychologist who was going to work with us on stopping my daughter's hair-pulling (at the time, she was self-soothing herself by pulling on her hair). We met with her once a week for a month without having much success. I had long noticed that my daughter sucked her thumb as part of the hair-pulling habit. I thought attacking the thumb-sucking would help the hair-pulling. The psychologist didn't agree. She thought our daughter--who was not even 5 at the time--should be put on Prozac to lessen her anxiety. We tried my way first--over the protests of the psychologist. My way ended up working very well! My daughter learned new coping strategies and didn't need to go on Prozac.

I sometimes think the knee-jerk reaction is to solve problems with pills. While some kids really do need the medication, I believe that it should be used as a last-ditch effort, not a first-ditch one.

Wow, I went a bit off topic! Anyway, my daughter is basically a zany, happy-go-lucky girl! Last week, my husband received a call from the school nurse. This is the type of call no parent wants to get. It went something like this:

School Nurse: Mr. D, this is the school nurse.

My Hubby: Yes, what is it? What happened?

(long pause)

School Nurse: Your daughter is walking like an Egyptian!

My Hubby: Huh?

School Nurse: She has her jacket on her head, and she's walking like an Egyptian!

My Hubby: This is what you're calling to tell me?

School Nurse: Oh sorry, I got distracted! Your daughter bumped her head on the playground equipment. I couldn't find a bump or anything, and she seems perfectly happy. Did I mention that she's walking like an Egyptian? I'll put her on the phone.

My Daughter: Hi Daddy! How are you?

My Hubby: I hear you hurt yourself at school! Are you okay?

My Daughter: Yeah! Oops! I'm fine!

My Hubby: Great, Honey. Can you get the nurse back on please? Nurse, she seems just fine. Do I need to get her?

School Nurse: I just wanted to call and let you know what happened. She seems fine, so she can go back to class.

Silly antics like walking like an Egyptian are usual events around this house! The girl is zany, and fun, and I love her sense of humor!

This is one girl who I doubt will ever need Prozac!


  1. That is a zany phone call. Your daughter sounds amazing, really. Sounds like she makes all who come into contact with her, smile :)

    Couldn't help but think of that song..."Walk Like an Egyptian" while reading this!

  2. She obviously keeps you on your toes! #Enjoy these lovely years!

  3. Everybody needs to walk like an Egyptian every now and again.

    Btw, my knee jerk reaction is to solve problems with pizza. Pills are just for fun.

  4. Aah I am so pleased that she is a happy go lucky girl! Zany and quirky is good :-)


  5. When my youngest son was in first grade, I got a call from the teacher one day to tell me to come and get him because he was roller skating in the classroom. Teaching was not the best line of work for the woman, so she quit at the end of the year and went to work in a bank.

  6. hooray! I am always glad to hear when someone opts to do the right thing instead of taking dangerous drugs when there is always another better option .

    I'm sure your daughter will be fine .

  7. Sometimes I miss those zany calls from the school nurse. My youngest made sure I got quite a few of them!

  8. I agree with you about docs wanting to throw drugs at things too soon.

    And I love that your DD is walking like an Egyptian!


  9. I had a little sound track in my head for your post this week. I never got too many calls from the nurses office. My kids always waited until they got home to throw up...sigh...

    You can always continue with Round 3 of A-T to occupy your Wednesdays! I hate for you to get bored!

    Thanks for a great wrap up!