Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Revisiting Childhood

One of the great pleasures of having kids is being able to revisit the things you loved when you were a child! Many of the television shows I've grown up with are still on the air, but modernized for today's kids. A while back, my daughter and I watched the "new" version of The Electric Company. I loved this show as a child! I found myself comparing the new version to the old one quite a bit. I was especially saddened to see that they updated the theme song to make it more modern. I thought it was really awful! Why mess with perfection, right?

I'm probably showing my age, but when I was in elementary school, there was no TIVO or DVD players or even VCRs. When you wanted to watch television, you had to watch whatever program was available on the eight channels that were available. I don't even think television had programming 24 hours a day then! I remember programming began at 6 in the morning and ended some time well after my bedtime.

During rainy days at school, the teacher would turn on the television so we could watch during recess and lunch. The two shows I remember watching at school were The Wheel of Fortune and The Electric Company. It felt so decadent to watch television in the classroom with all of my friends. We had so much fun!

The other day I was surfing on the internet when I decided to search for the old theme song for The Electric Company on Youtube to share with my daughter. I found two versions, both that I remember pretty well. I'm sharing the very original version just because it's hilarious! I love the 1970's vibe! My daughter really liked the original version much better than the current one! That's my girl!

Seeing the old theme song, and knowing that Morgan Freeman was one of the stars of the show back then made me curious to see what other talent was involved! During its six year run, the following people were involved for a significant portion of time: Morgan Freeman, Rita Moreno, Mel Brooks, Bill Cosby, and Zero Mostel. Many of these folks were already pretty famous during this time.

I remember being so surprised when the show ended its run after 6 years. It seemed like it was too good to go so soon. Considering the talent that was behind it, I'm still surprised!

What shows do you treasure from your childhood?


  1. My husband and I talk about the old Electric Company all the time! I wish the original was still on.

    It was awe-some.

  2. They actually have a dvd of the old electric company at our library, but the kids weren't interested...ha. I liked 3,2,1 Contact myself...

  3. I liked Electric Company a lot, but my favorite was a show called Villa Alegre. For some reason, not very many people seem to remember this show, but I just LOVED it.

  4. I've shared Schoolhouse Rock with my kids and they love it. Although, when I was a kid, these bits were shown in between other shows, but for me, they could have had their own show outright. Great music, great education, great entertainment. Definitely along the lines of Electric Co.

  5. Wow. You are way younger than me if you watched Wheel of Fortune in school. Yet we are both much younger than Lynn who went to school before radio was even invented.

  6. The bird loves the Electric Company!! We watch it a lot.

    I didn't watch it as a kid, though. I kind of don't even remember what I watched. Is that bad?

  7. Loved Electric Company. I was watching a Movie Commentary that Morgan Freeman did. Out of NO where he started talking about the Electric Company and how proud he is of his work on the show.
    Mr Rogers is still my favorite.
    When I have a bad day I just pop it in the DVD player & snuggle my kids. Better than Prozac.

  8. I miss Fragglerock although maybe it's still on? It seems like all of the shows that were good when we were growing up are crappy now.

  9. Whoa, whoa, whoa, Wheel of Fortune at school??? What educational value did that have? It's not even as educational as playing hangman! Even though I haven't been teaching for 4 years, that would never fly at a school now. In fact, a teacher would probably get sent packing if she put on Wheel of Fortune today. How different things are.

    I did a little Electric Company, but was more into cartoons, My Little Pony, Smurfs, Duck Tales...

  10. Anyone who has heard that theme song even once is able to sing it. I didn't even watch the show, but I know that song! My fave shows were local access ones that no one would know. Those were the days...I love the terrible production value local shows!

  11. It is so funny that you found that! Just this past weekend Jeff and I were surfing You Tube to find the intros to all the 80s sitcoms (Family Ties, Silver Spoons, etc.) I still remember the words to almost all of them. I must have watched A LOT of TV. I'm still a TV junkie :)