Thursday, April 21, 2011

Paul Simon Rocks!

Hubby and I actually went out on a date last night! This is a rare occurrence. He got tickets to see Paul Simon and wanted me to go along with him. I loved Simon and Garfunkel, but I admit that I never really got into Paul Simon's work after that.

Well, I was blown away! Paul Simon is 69 years old, but he put on one hell of a show! He performed nonstop for almost 2 hours! His musicians were amazing also! I had a great time! In particular, I love the way music from around the world influences his sound. Awesome!

The one annoying part was that we were surrounded by people who couldn't contain their excitement. They were beyond annoying. I can understand people going to a concert and getting swept away by the music: jumping up and dancing, etc. But these folks were PAUL. SIMON'S. BIGGEST. FANS. They were all trying to one-up each other. It made for some annoying moments, particularly since they made it hard to see and hear the actual music being performed. They kept yelling things out like, "I LOVE YOU, PAUL!" The bitch it me was so close to yelling out, "Have my baby, Paul!" but I behaved. It wasn't easy though!

It got particularly annoying when the guy sitting in front of me kept standing up and jumping up and down constantly. If I wanted to be around that, I'd go to my daughter's social skills class! Hah, just kidding! I couldn't resist.

But really, who slam dances at a Paul Simon concert? Management actually went up to that guy and threatened to kick him out. Another guy loved to clap "rhythmically" really loudly. The only problem was that he wasn't clapping to the music and it was loud and distracting!

Sigh! I sound like an old person!


  1. You do kinda sound like a grumpy old person.

    Never attend a Springsteen concert with me.


  2. The guy sitting next to you was probably Art Garfunkel.

  3. I'm glad you got to have a date, but it's crazy that people were like that.

    I went with my girlfriends to a NKOTB concert 2 years ago and it was the craziest concert I'd ever been to- never heard that much screaming ever. Though, I joined in. LOL

  4. Well I guess Paul Simon's fans are so old now that they can't hear the music to keep the beat and have to talk really loud to each other to be heard. Man, I haven't been to a concert in forever. I used to be cool. Really.

  5. I did not even realize Paul Simon was still alive! I went to see U2 last year, and it was much more mellow. People were just chillin and drinking beer. Who ever thought Paul Simon would have the rowdy crowd?