Friday, April 29, 2011

It's Been a Slow Week!

I have no right to complain--everything's been going pretty well by us lately! So it's been hard to come up with great blog topics! For today's post, I'm resorting to my mail!

We received an invitation for our daughter to compete in the National American Miss California South State Pageant. According to the invitation, not just anyone can show up. It's by invitation only! Our daughter was referred to them as someone who may enjoy modeling, acting, or learning stage techniques. If that's not vague enough, the letter was addressed to "The Jesus Family." While I keep my last name quiet on the blog, I can assure you it's not Jesus. We're Jewish, so our last name is definitely not Jesus. I'm assuming that whoever referred my daughter for this did it as one big joke! Whoever did that, thanks! It's a pretty funny one!

This invitation made it clear that contestants under 12 are not allowed to wear make-up and there's no bathing suit competition. I think that's a good thing. But there also isn't a talent component. So what do the girls do? Just stand up there and smile and get selected solely on looks? Really? At least they're encouraged not to wear make up. I bet there are girls that wear it though!

A couple other things made me laugh a bit. The invitation was for the girls to attend a cattle call where they'd get weeded out. The invitation encouraged the girls to dress as if they're going on a job interview. Maybe I'm a negligent mom, but my 7-year old does not own a single power suit! What do 7-year olds wear to job interviews anyway?

The other funny thing was one of the prizes at the national competition is a 2011 Ford Mustang Convertible! Woohoo! My 7-year old would love driving that baby around. She'll look great driving around with the top down in her power business suit.

At least she won't be wearing makeup!


  1. How silly is that! I think pageants thought supposedly not about looks, still have the same underlying effect. It's about comparing who's better. I think the pageants should be about bringing girls together and working as a team to accomplish something good or learn something. Not outdo each other all the time.

  2. This is hysterical. And yes: people will pack on the make-up on their kids in any case--because, you know, 7 year-olds need the assistance that 70 year-olds do! Anything to win and to be able to say that one's child HAS won. It's a crazy world, Mrs. Jesus.

  3. What? How can the Jesus family take their 7-year-old in public without make-up?? That's an outrage, that's what that is! LOL, what a hysterical invite/contest.

  4. "Maybe I'm a negligent mom, but my 7-year old does not own a single power suit!"

    Lol, I didn't own any power suits when I was 7 either, so I think you're good...

  5. That's hilarious and definitely blog worthy!!

    Glad to hear you are having a great week :)

  6. Your daughter hasn't had any interviews yet? Slacker!

  7. I won my first Mustang at a beauty contest when I was 8. This one allowed makeup and had a bathing suit component, tho. The top of my two piece fell off during my dance number, securing my win. Memories.

  8. They gave BigDaddy the car to get him to put his clothes back on! lol

    This was really funny :)

  9. That is hilarious. Yeah, Natalie does not own a power suit. She owns tons of dresses but a power suit? No.