Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gotta Brag!

My daughter's first grade class has to write sentences using their spelling words each Monday as part of their homework. To encourage them to put more effort into their writing, the teacher gives out an award to the student who writes the best sentences. This week the teacher said that two of the six sentences must contain quotes in order to qualify for the prize.

My daughter really wanted to win the prize, so she decided to use quotes for three of her sentences. She did it! The teacher gave her the prize for the best sentences this week! My daughter is convinced it's because she had three sentences with quotes instead of two.

I don't agree. I think her first sentence, which didn't contain quotes, is what actually sealed the deal. She used her spelling word "bird" for that sentence. Her sentence was: "The Hawaii state bird is endangered."

Yes, I'm a proud mama!


  1. "Aw yeah baby" Austin Powers
    "You got the right stuff" New Kids on the Block

    Yeah, I got 2 quotes here. What's my prize?

    Nice job, though, that's really fun.

  2. Good Lord. How does she come up with that stuff?

  3. She really is one smart girl. Good for her and congrats!!