Monday, April 4, 2011

A Free Day! Why Did We Spend it with a Rat?

Last Friday, April Fool's Day, turned out to be a free day for my daughter. Her school had the day off as a furlough day. They had the day off in honor of Cesar Chavez, but it was really just a furlough day.

We decided to visit my daughter's old preschool. It was one of the few days that they didn't have off that my daughter did have off. She got to see almost all of her old teachers and the school director. She remembered the teachers she had during her last year of preschool, but she didn't remember anyone else very well. I was surprised because I thought she would remember everybody!

After that, we went to Chuck E. Cheese. I've been promising her a trip to visit the rat for awhile, so I figured this would be a good day to cash in. Upon entering, I saw something that reminded me of a passage in a book I'm reading. The book is called "The Cook's Tour." It's written by Anthony Bourdain about traveling the world for a television show on The Food Network. I think this show predated his No Reservations show on The Travel Channel. Anyhow, in one chapter of the book, he visits Cambodia and writes about the lawlessness that abounds there. Everyone who lives there carries guns and shoots them off pretty easily. Anthony (because I'm now on a first-name basis with him on my blog) describes how every hotel in Cambodia has a sign on check-in that shows a picture of an AK-47 that is crossed out to discourage the hotel guests from bringing in semi-automatics.

Anyway, this is the sign I see upon entering Chuck E. Cheese:

Luckily, we managed to get in without having to give up our firearms! Whew, because that always brings on a tantrum. From me. My daughter has no problem giving up her weapons. We ended up having a great time! The rat himself even made an appearance and threw out free tickets to the kids after making them all embarrass themselves by dancing. My daughter did what she had to do to get the tickets. Actually, I'm impressed, because after the rat threw the tickets to the kids, my daughter did a great job grabbing her share of them. There was a time where she wouldn't grab them if they weren't a certain color. There was other times that she just wasn't fast or assertive enough. She did fine this time.

Chuck E. Cheese didn't retreat as he usually does. He actually was very social! He went around to the different games and played them with the kids. He even played skee ball with my daughter and treated her to the game! She had a lot of fun playing with him and checking out the games he did with the other kids too!

After our date with the rat, we went to Borders to spend my daughter's gift card before the store near us went belly up. So far, the store was fully stocked with inventory. However, the children's book section, while having a great supply of toys, didn't seem to have that many books. When I asked an employee where I could find "The Magic School Bus" series, she said they didn't carry that series, and we had to order the book online. While I love e-commerce, heck, I work for an internet company that develops e-commerce software, I'm appalled that a bookstore doesn't carry many books!

That night, as my daughter was enjoying her grapes with her dinner, she thanked me for giving her the grapes still on the stem so she could pick them off. She said that it was the perfect way to honor Cesar Chavez! That's my daughter! She certainly knows how to make me laugh!

Overall, it was a fun day. My daughter had no rigidity issues throughout the day. We were able to enjoy the outing without any tears or meltdowns. It was a great day, even if it involved a rat!


  1. Just on the humorous side, maybe the rat was not social before they put the no firearms sign up or maybe there used to be an Aspie inside the costume :)

    All over these Borders stores have closed. Even here in GA

  2. Wow, fantastic. Chuck's is still a nightmare for Katie. And that ticket throw...worst part of the nightmare. You should also do some searches on chuck e cheese and violence...ha. you will understand that sign a lot better!

    We went to our borders this weekend, too. They were cleaned out, though. I like them way better than B&N and am so sad they are closing.

  3. If the rat made better crust, I would so be there. We have had that problem in the Borders here.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  4. Sounds like a good time! The firearms sign is interesting, I don't think I would have taken it as well as you did. Lucky for me my son has finally outgrown the RAT, days in the germ incubator are over for me.
    I didn't know Borders was closing...going to have to start hitting the close out sales!

  5. made me laugh.

    i love visiting the rat. its the only plave where my kids can like "crazies" and its ok. screaming? check. running? check. firearms? check.

  6. Our local Chuckie is NOT social. At all. I don't know how my boys would take it, though, if he approached them. Pretty cool day for you guys!

  7. That sounds like a ton of fun, and no meltdowns make it the best part! Entertaining post.

  8. Keep on truckin' ... mom! Sounds like you both had a great time ... and the time spent together is so ... worth it. What is with that sign?

  9. That does sound like a fun day! That sign about the firearms is a little weird. Did they actually have a problem with that, thus necessitating a sign?

    I love how your daughter thinks grapes on the stem is the greatest treat ever! Cute :)

  10. Griffin hates to turn over his "piece" whenever we visit the Rat. In light of my past experience with Mr. Cheese, I think the no firearm rule is meant solely to prevent me from making an assassination attempt on the giant rodent.

    Glad you guys had a fun day.