Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Motherhood Adds Valuable Experience to a Resume

An old friend of mine landed me a temporary position with her firm. The position is perfect for my needs: flexible hours, ability to work from home once the project gets going, and I'll be overseeing about 4 other people. As my friend said, the work isn't glamorous, but it would look good on a resume.

I really need something current that would look good on my resume! I haven't heard back on any resumes I've sent out for positions I've applied for to date. Granted, I haven't sent out that many, but I would think I would at least be called in for the occasional interview.

I'm sure part of the problem is that I'm over-qualified for the positions I've applied for. I was making a six-figure income when I left the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) as a Senior Analyst 6 years ago. That might scare away some potential employers who are advertising for $13/hour clerical work.

The other problem is that I've not had a paid position in seven years, which makes me unattractive to many employers. Ironically, this motherhood gig is the most challenging work I've ever had! I need to think of ways to market my motherhood experience as a selling point to future employers. A potential resume for my motherhood experience might look something like this:

January 2004 to Present:

During this period, I worked for an extremely demanding boss. I worked long hours with no pay. Nevertheless, my boss would often scream and throw fits if she did not get things exactly as she wanted them. This experience has taught me to have an amazing amount of patience. I can certainly handle any employer or supervise any employee with an unending well of patience and understanding to draw from.

I've overseen various projects requiring the issuance of rewards when appropriate. I would administer these bonuses only when appropriately earned by the boss.

I've been in charge of clean-up work. No matter how much disgusting clean-up was required after a project ended, I had the sole responsibility to clean up items including various types of bodily fluid. This experience guarantees that I can stomach any situation.

I've mastered the art of mommy politics which would rival any office politics. I learned to network to get the appropriate invitations and other social engagements for my boss. I've helped smooth over any event that wasn't to my boss's satisfaction while maintaining good relations with the other moms.

I've maintained my sense of humor during stressful situations and am very quick on my feet with developing solutions to various problems that come up during the day. Not to toot my own horn, but I've helped my boss come up with the majority of the solutions to the day-to-day problems that arise.

Yeah, these job skills that I've acquired should help me land a big six-figure paycheck!


  1. I love it! You should totally add that to your resume. Makes sense to me! But I work for similar bosses. =)

  2. Shared this on my Facebook. Too good.

  3. I have almost the same exact resume!

  4. My boss makes me wipe her ass. No overtime, either.

  5. I put my current title as "Director of Operations, Bush Family" on Linked In. It's the hardest job I've ever had.

  6. Awesome idea. Good luck with the new gig.

  7. Congrats on the new gig! And I love the resume addition - excellent! Though I think the problem with call backs maybe the HUGE number of unemployed individuals out there - my county has a 12% unemployment rate and the number of highly qualified people looking for work means that call back rates are abysmmal.

  8. Love it, Cheryl! Wouldn't it be great if we could really put these things on our resumes? They are true and they do make us tougher and more adept at most situations!

    Congratulations on your new job position. Sounds just about perfect :)

  9. Your motherhood resume makes you overqualified for most positions, too. ;)

    congrats on the new job!

  10. So true. When I was working in the career services office, I actually helped a stay-at-home mom craft her work experience around her job duties at home. In the end, her resume made her skillset look quite impressive!