Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blog Gems--Holiday!

Jen at The King and Eye has come up with a fun meme where you air your old blog gems--posts that you did a long time ago before you had any readers! Wow! I'm still at that point after almost a year of blogging! hehe!

The prompt this week was to repost about a holiday! I'm going to repost on how I celebrated Mother's Day last year! This post first aired on May 12, 2010.

Happy Belated Mother's Day Part 2

On my previous post, I wrote about my remembering my mother (see here). On this post, I'm writing about how I celebrated Mother's Day!

In past years, my husband made a really big deal out of Mother's Day. He really spoiled me. He'd get me flowers, take me out to dinner, and give me really nice, over-the-top presents. And you know what? I really deserved it! Because I'm now a stay-at-home mom who doesn't earn any money, I tend to not spoil myself much. Also, taking care of a child who tantrums a lot is hard and depressing! The presents made me feel appreciated.

This year, Mother's Day was different. My husband still spoiled me with flowers and a nice dinner out. But he didn't buy me any extravagant gifts. I did, however, get the best present of all! My six-year old daughter took the lead this year in making my Mother's Day special. On her own initiative, she made me two cards! She used some of her allowance money toward buying me a wonderful journal so that I can record my mommy experiences. And best of all, she promised to be perfectly behaved that day. And for the most part, she was! She had one moment where she started to cry and when I reminded her what day it was, she quickly wiped her tears off her face, put on a smile, and said,"Oops, I forgot!" It was fantastic!

I can not even begin to relate what a big deal her gift to me was! For one thing, this past year wasn't filled non-stop with tantrums. Oh sure, she still has them, but they're much rarer now. She used to have about 3 a day, and now she maybe has a biggie every month or two. But I was so impressed how she really worked hard to make me feel special this Mother's Day on her own! This, I'm sure, is a big deal for any mother. It is amazing when the child who is doing it has autism!

One cute story that happened on that day, happened in the car ride on the way home from dinner. My daughter started telling us about something "yucky" that happened at school the previous week. While they were getting the classroom ready for Open House, a boy in my daughter's class kissed her! My husband asked, "Where did he kiss you?" My daughter gave him a confused look and said, "In school!" I just had to relate this story, even if it didn't have anything else to do with the post. It was just so darn cute!

One not-so-cute story happened earlier that day after seeing the movie, Oceans. This is probably too much information, but I went with my daughter to the restroom. I REALLY had to go--I was stuck watching a movie about water on a full bladder--and my daughter was stuck hanging with me in a small stall because I don't like to leave her out of my sight. After finishing up with the paper work, but before flushing, my beautiful, pink Coach purse (okay, that was my only splurge to myself after becoming a mom) fell partially into the toilet. Yikes! I tried to clean it off with soap and water, but my husband made me keep the beautiful purse in the car trunk on the way home. I wiped it off with disinfectant when I got home. My husband still wants me to throw the purse away! Not on your life, mister!

So, I was very happy with my Mother's Day celebration, all things considered! I hope you enjoyed yours too!


  1. I would have thrown the purse away.

    Btw, my wife likes it when I kiss her, you know, "in school." (I have no idea what that means but it sounds kinda dirty.)

  2. That's so cute that you got a gift from your daughter - for some reason it has never occured to my kids to give me a present, ever! And yet I have a fab relationship with them. Over from blog gems and I have an aspie as well x

  3. After you wipe that purse down with disenfactant wipes, put it in a plastic bag and stick it in the freezer for 24 hours. Voila! Germ-free!! This also works on germy, smelly sneakers.

    Your Mother's Day sounds like it was special on so many levels!

    Oh, and thanks for the comment on my blog. I just posted another chapter.