Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Woman Who Has Inspired Me

The SITS Back to Blogging challenge for today is to write about women that inspire me.

This sounds like an easy topic to write about, right? But for some reason, I'm really struggling with coming up with something that doesn't sound stupid or trite. The truth is, I've met so many women who inspire me! I've decided to highlight one of my friends who has inspired me to a great degree.

I'd like to say she's a close friend, but she's not. She's more of an acquaintance. I know her because our daughters get behavior services through the same service provider. Our daughters were in the same social skills group for awhile. I actually knew her before this though. When my daughter was first diagnosed with autism, I was really sad, lost, and confused. When we started getting services, I found out that our service provider had a group for moms. They met monthly for brunch, had the occasional moms' night (or day) out, and held some fundraising events. The service provider, while supporting this group, was not involved with setting this group up. One dynamo mom was, and that's how I first became acquainted with her. I was impressed because she also worked full-time, yet found time to spearhead this effort.

Later, I realized that this was just a small piece of what she did. When I first met her, she was celebrating her first year as a cancer survivor! Wow! I can't believe all she had on her plate!

But wait, there's more! She was also extremely active in raising funds for Autism Speaks. So much so, they they recently gave her a key volunteer position in the Los Angeles area!

I have no idea where she finds time or energy to do everything! Yet, she always finds time to be a huge cheerleader and support to her friends and others. I'm sure she gets a lot of joy and satisfaction from her accomplishments. She should! I wish I had her energy. I'm not as self-pitying as I was when my daughter first got diagnosed, but I haven't really reached out and helped anyone else--other than maybe a few people who read my blog and get something out of it.

My friend really inspires me! I want to let her know that her work is deeply appreciated, and I'm sure makes a HUGE difference in the world! Congrats on being cancer-free for 3 years now! Wow!

Pam, you're a very special women and give new meaning to awesome! I don't know where you get your energy from, but I wouldn't mind tapping some from you! Keep up the great work!

Thank you for all that you've done!


  1. she sounds wonderful. there is a group like that around here that i want to be involved in and i lost the contact reminded me about it and maybe i will try to dig it up now that you remibded me.

  2. Every time I start feeling sorry for myself, I run into someone like your friend Pam -- someone who's doing everything I'm doing plus lobbying for special needs rights, holding down a full-time job, starting their own charity -- and some of them are single moms. I'm such a whiner that I can barely get through the day with all the stupendous amount of help I get every day.

    Keep in mind, though, that by writing about your journey so honestly and eloquently, that you're inspiring a lot of us too. Thanks :-) I'm really glad we connected through the blogosphere.

  3. There are lots of Pams out there. I have no clue how they do all that they do. She sounds like a wonderful inspiration.

  4. What a nice tribute to your friend/acquaintance. I wish I had her energy too. She may be very inspirational with all the outreach that she does, but I'd say you're pretty inspirational too Cheryl. Maybe one day you'll take on more of these grandiose efforts, but for now, you're taking on your most important task--helping your daughter! And I'd say you're doing a fantastic job too!

  5. She really does sound like an inspiration! Whenever I hear about such inspiring women, it really makes me wonder how I can do more.

    You are an inspiration too Cheryl. By sharing your stories and being the number 1 advocate for your daughter!

  6. Cheryl- wonderful to hear she is cancer-free! That's fantastic news. You seem like you are very similar to Pam- in that you have a positive attitude, energy, a renewed look out on life, and an unending dedication to your daughter. It's a pleasure to read your blogs each day.