Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Stupid Cleaning Ladies!

Last night, my daughter became very distraught while taking her bath. She noticed that her science experiment she developed was ruined. The experiment involved taking cups of pre-measured water and leaving them on the side of the tub. Each day, she would look at the water levels to see how much water had evaporated from the day before. She had been conducting this experiment for about 5 days. Last night, the cups of water were missing!

I explained to her that the cleaning ladies had come during the day. They must have dumped the water out and put the cups in the dishwasher. This made her really sad! Between sobs, I thought I heard her say, "Stupid cleaning ladies!" I couldn't believe that's what my sweet daughter said, so I asked her to repeat it. She repeated, "Stupid cleaning ladies!" This time she said it nice and loud! Yikes!

I admonished her immediately, telling her that it's never okay to call somebody stupid. It's a very mean thing to say. I also added that the cleaning ladies were just doing their job. The water could get really gross in the cups, and they had no idea it was part of a science experiment.

She thought about this awhile, then asked, "Is it ever okay to call yourself stupid?" I wanted to cry after she asked that. The truth is, I call myself stupid all the time, even in front of her. I usually say it in a self-deprecating way, but my husband has chided me for doing this. I have never took his criticism seriously before. Hearing her ask this question made me realize what a bad example I've been setting.

"No, that's not okay either," I said. I then admitted that I do call myself stupid, and I was wrong to do so. I was not showing myself the respect I deserve. I promised her I'd stop calling myself stupid, and I hoped to never hear her use that work about anyone else or herself. She agreed.

After my daughter went to bed, I told my husband what had happened. He said, "I told you so!" After that, we both misbehaved. Anytime we noticed something amiss, like when we realized the cleaning ladies threw out our liquid soap dispenser, we said, "Stupid cleaning ladies!" This morning, when my alarm went off at full volume, I bet you can guess what I said under my breath.

I'm so bad! (but you won't catch me saying THAT in front of my daughter either!).


  1. i say things i shouldn't too and of course the kids repeat it.

  2. You have cleaners? Are you kidding me? You have cleaners? Wow!

  3. I know what you mean! Sometimes I say 'I am going to lose my mind'...because I sort of am...but I don't want my daughter to say that :)- she mimics everything. That post was sweet :)

  4. Yeah, When my son sighed and said "It must be spring. The idiots are in bloom." I realized I had to watch my "car" speak. But A cleaning Lady! I am so jealous.

  5. My son's aide at school laughingly told me one day that he had sighed at nap time and informed everyone, "Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em..."

    I'm lucky that's the worst thing he repeated at pre-K. We're still potty training, as you know, and sometimes the clean-up requires a little cooperation on his part. Recently, he's taken to going around the house repeating, "Spread your legs!" Not something I want going around at school ...

    But your post is a wonderful serious reminder that sometimes our kids pick up on things and messages that we don't even know we're sending. I had never thought about what Billy might be learning from the number of times a day I call myself an "idiot." The last thing I'd want is to hear that coming out of his mouth about someone or, god forbid, himself.

  6. LOL!! You know Im the queen of inappropriate language...around my!! oops.. lol..and I freel sooo bad they got rid of her experiment.. awww F#$^&n cleaning ladies....

  7. Audrey knows not to say certain words, but she is under the impression that anything goes relative to other drivers...ha!

    Seriously, we need to start being careful now because those awful female low self-esteem years start at about 9 which is right around the corner. I got upset just hearing Audrey say "That's terrible!" to herself about something minor that she'd messed up. I don't want her to start that stuff.

  8. It is truly amazing how much we can learn from our own children!

  9. I know, sometimes they shine that spotlight right back at us and we realize what we have done.

    I probably would have said the same thing without realizing it until one of my kids said it too.

    You did an awesome job explaining this to your daughter and apologizing.

    Does this mean she has to start her experiment all over again? Poor thing!

  10. I probably use the word stupid too much. Like I called the scale stupid this morning when it gave me my wrong weight.

  11. Negative self-talk is so tough to avoid. And too often we don't really notice we are doing it to ourselves. But we sure hear it when it comes from our kids. Ouch!

    Sorry about her experiment. I hope she started a new one.

  12. she might have done unknowingly but having qualified maid services is better option!