Wednesday, June 30, 2010

X is for X-tra!

Why, oh why did I start doing Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday when she was at the end of the alphabet? Why couldn't I begin when the letters were easy? But noooooo, I had to do the tough letters. I didn't want to blog about x-rays like 90 percent of the other people are going to do. So, I'm cheating a bit and blogging that X is for x-tra!

My husband and I are x-tra neurotic parents--in case you haven't figured that out by reading my posts. I'd like to say that it's because of my daughter's special needs, but it's not. We were neurotic since the day I found out I was pregnant. Actually, we were neurotic way before then too! The parenting gig just magnifies it a million times!

While we're x-tra neurotic, I've seen other parents that are x-tra relaxed. They just go with the flow and have a blast doing whatever they're doing. I sometimes think they're a tad crazy, but they always do seem to be having a good time!

For example, last Sunday was my daughter's last soccer game of the spring season. The Coach is an unbelievably nice man and is what I'd call an x-tra relaxed parent. He actually heads up the Boys and Girls Club in our area, so not only is he the Coach for our team, but he's responsible for the entire league in addition to all the other activities done through his organization. We've known the Coach for 4 years when our kids started preschool together. His soccer league is great! There is no official score keeping, and we only go once a week to play. The first half hour is drills, the second half hour is a game. The kids have a great time, and everyone is happy! It's a wonderful event to be headed up by an x-tra relaxed parent!

Now, the Coach was gracious enough to host a pool party at his house to celebrate the end of the spring soccer! The plan was to go to his house a couple of hours after the game to have hot dogs, swim, and have fun! My daughter and I made brownies the day before to bring with us. We were planning on having a fun time.

However, during soccer, the Coach's son didn't want to participate because he said his stomach hurt. While he was sitting out the drills, his x-tra relaxed dad (Coach) kept trying to get him out to play. No one was taking the kid's complaints seriously. After drills, when the game was starting, he did jump in to play--he loves soccer! But it didn't take long for us to realize that he was actually sick. He started throwing up on the side of the soccer field. All the other x-tra relaxed parents helped him out, then buried his vomit in the dirt while us x-tra neurotic parents looked on horrified.

The poor boy looked so sick! He continued to vomit off and on during the duration of the game. He sat away from everyone else during the trophy ceremony and pizza-eating after the game. Since I'm an x-tra neurotic parent, I didn't want my daughter to get sick. I knew the Coach wasn't going to cancel the pool party even if his wife probably wanted him to (she's x-tra relaxed too, but not to the same degree as her husband). I cornered one of the other moms, who is neither x-tra neurotic nor x-tra relaxed. She's one of those rare people who find the perfect balance. Anyway, I asked her is they were going to the pool party. She diplomatically said that they couldn't. They were leaving for a trip the next day and had to pack. Then her voice started to trail off as she said that she really didn't want to travel with any of the kids getting sick.

When the Coach walked by, she told him that they couldn't make it because of the packing. He encouraged them to feel free to stop by anyway, even if it's just for a minute or two! I then clumsily said we were bailing as well. My daughter had her first day of camp the next day, and we didn't want her to get sick! He again said to feel free to pop by just for a minute or so!

Before we left, the remaining parents staged an intervention in the parking lot to convince the Coach that he really shouldn't be having a pool party at his house. His wife needed to tend to the son and none of us wanted our families to get sick! He finally agreed.

Now THAT is an x-tra relaxed parent! My daughter was disappointed that there wasn't going to be a pool party, and she was x-tra upset that her friend was sick. But we did have x-tra brownies to eat, so all was not lost!


  1. Brownies make everything better!

  2. I don't think I'm x-tra anything but there's no way I would have taken my kids to that party.

    And if it was my kid puking all over the place I would have immediately taken her home. So maybe I'm x-tra neurotic too. lol!

  3. Its no harm to take care. But some times, you have to learn to relax too! xxx

  4. I hope he reschedules but he did do the right thing in the end. And like Fig said above, as a mom I would have taken my child home if they were puking.

  5. I started a little after the midway point and while I am finding these letters challenging I am certain I would have had trouble with some of the early ones too...and as moms we are all a little neurotic from time to time it is part of our job description!!!

  6. I loved this link!

    My favorite line was: The parenting gig just magnifies it a million times.

    No truer words were ever written.

    You totally nailed the two camps of parenting. I'm with you...both for the kids and the Grands.

    I'm glad he did the right thing (under duress) and I'm glad you got the X-tra brownies. Maybe they helped console you while she was gone at camp!

    Really clever use of the letter "X"!

    I'm glad you joined Alphabe-Thursday! Even if you did pick the hardest time to do it!


  7. I would have stayed totally clear of that one!~ I am neurotic too, believe me, I need to get over it though sometimes, I have two boys..need I say more:) Have a great day!!~

  8. Xtra good observation and sensitivity!

  9. I think I was more like you as a parent, ha. I think that was a good explanation of the two parenting styles. Great post.

  10. Oh my...xtra relaxed is something my husband is...and I am not. I suppose it's good to have both sometimes? In this situation, good for you for standing your ground. No sickness for my kid if I can help it, thank you very much ;^)

    Does that make me xtra overprotective? Hmmm...

    Great "X" post!

  11. I'm a fellow x-tra neurotic parent, and there's no way I would have attended that pool party. I see those x-tra relaxed parents everywhere and they are like an alien species to me. I wish I could be that way, but I'm just not.

  12. i thought you were gonna say he had appendicitis!

  13. I am the not x-tra relaxed parent. I followed my two year old around at the bouncy place yesterday while the x-tra relaxed parents sat around and talked. I hope I find a balance.

    Glad the party was cancelled.

  14. Balance between the X-tra parent is always hard, but always comes in time as your child grows up and finds there footing and starts to become thier own person. I was always the X-tra Neuro when my son was young and I try no to be the X-tra Relax...but at times when we are in a setting I try and enjoy the grownup time while the kids are off being kids.
    We were at our local farm last night and there was this British family allowing both of thier young sons to run a muck and physically harm the was horrible! My son didn't understand how these adults were sitting there talking amongs themselves casually telling thier kids to "stop that" but not actually doing anything about it.
    Some people just don't take thier jobs as parents seriously...period!

  15. Great commentary on parenting styles. I think I'm about 1/4 of the way from neurotic to relaxed. Wear sunscreen! Bike helmet! Where are you going? Who will be there? And I wrote about x-rays ;-) But I think I deserved to with all that's if you dare!

  16. I think I would have bailed out too, and you did the right thing, with good excuse too :-)

  17. Oh, my! I think I'd cancel if my kiddo was sick. If for no other reason to look after him. Does that make me xtra neurotic??

  18. I would put my self in the xtra relaxed camp - and yet I wouldn't have gone to the party. I think that was more a relaxed Dad thing than relaxed parents. Sometimes Dad's just don't get it. They don't deal with the puke! (at least not in my house)

  19. your post give us extra fun!

  20. i find myself to be a bit relaxed, unless it comes to hanging around sick people. i carry my own pen during flu season..and use it to sign my credit card slips :) you were right to bow out of the pool party...your daughter would have been really upset if she couldn't go to camp, or worse had to come home because she was sick.

  21. Welcome!
    I so hear your anguish...LOL I stared mid stream...
    then we had some Major family stuff and i jumped back to greet W and now X!
    Ah well...
    as so many have said brownies can help ease the moments in life :) which seem to be hardly palatable.
    Sounds like you are parent who is as we all are, making choices...My sons are grown but the memories...linger...I say good good you :)

    Hope you can visit my X post...
    ~Excursion of Xeranthemum~

  22. I would have taken mine straight home too! I've just had a stomach bug, so the memory of how horrible it feels is extra fresh!