Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Mixed Day

We've been enjoying our summer so far! My daughter started taking swim lessons. In the past, she's had a hard time putting the different components of swimming together all at once. Because she's starting camp next week, we thought we'd give her a week of private lessons to get her up to speed. She did okay today--big improvement over yesterday! She was able to paddle and kick and blow bubbles all at the same time for a few seconds! Hopefully by the time camp begins, she'll be better at it! I am proud of how hard she's working during the lessons.

We were having a nice day until this evening when she had a HUGE tantrum over having to put her Leapster toy down to get ready for bed. It was an ugly scene. She even threw her dress-up shoe at me. I felt like George W. Bush there for a second. Thank goodness the other shoe didn't come flying at me. She hasn't had an out-of-control rage like this in a long time. And George W. Bush jokes aside, it left me feeling depressed. Every time I begin to feel like she's really turned a corner, she has a big tantrum. Granted, it's much better than the old days, but I would still love to see the tantrums disappear completely.

Is that asking for too much?


  1. Chin up. It's a brand new 24.

  2. I had to laugh at the GWB joke, that was funny...but aside, be happy the tantums and better then the past, that shows a termndous amount of growth! I noticed my son being a little more agressive with the school year coming to and end, I think there is some anxiety about the change in schedule and new enviorment with camp. Breath deep and know we are all here for you...have a great day!

  3. Oooooh...Leapster. My daughter loves hers as well...although my iPhone seems to be taking over lately. I'd prefer the Leapster so that I could still pick up my phone calls and emails while she plays.
    Tantrums are ugly. And as much advice as I get from her behaviorist, it all seems to fly out the window when I am facing one down.