Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm Nervous!

My daughter had her first group swim class this past Saturday. She's taking group lessons at the same place she took them last year. But this year, she's with the older kids in the big pool instead of the small (and disgusting) kiddie pool. I knew I had to warn her about the different pool, and I dreaded doing it. Sure enough, when I told her before leaving the house, she said, "I'm nervous! That class is going to be too advanced for me." I have to admit, I was worried that the class might be too advanced. She had just finished 5 days of private lessons and was still having difficulties. She would stay glued to the wall of the pool over-thinking everything she had to do to swim.

But I kept a calm voice and told her that she should be ready for this class. And if it turns out that the class is too advanced, we'd just move her to another class. When we arrived, the four other girls in the class were around the same age as my daughter. She ended up loving the class! And maybe because of peer pressure, she stopped staying glued to the wall and would swim when it was her turn. Was she the best swimmer in the class? No, she was probably near the bottom, but she's enjoying the class and working hard.

After the class, I asked her if it was too advanced for her, and she said it wasn't! Yay! We took her swimming yesterday, and she was doing great. It looks like everything she learned is clicking. Finally!

Today is my turn to be nervous, however. It's my daughter's first day of summer camp. When she was in preschool, she'd go to camp at her preschool or at a local park. Both places primarily provided arts and crafts and water play. Not the camp she's attending this year. She's going to big-kid camp! It's about a half an hour away from the house. It's very much like sleep-away camp, but as a day camp. They have big bouncers, pool with a huge water slide, horseback riding, archery, go carts, petting zoo, zip lines, fishing, boating, among other things. I'm a nervous wreck. My daughter is not the world's most athletic girl, so I'm hoping these activities don't cause major injuries of any kind.

The other reason why I'm a nervous wreck is that my daughter has no behaviorist there to help her. She's going to have to negotiate the social complexities of the other kids and handle the many transitions during the day completely on her own. Yikes! She does have some friends from preschool in her group. And I know some boys from her elementary school are attending the camp too that she might see in passing. I'm sure that she'll have a great time, but I feel sick to my stomach.

Speaking of feeling sick to my stomach, one funny thing is that the counselors all go by nicknames. I guess so that the parents (or the older campers that develop crushes) can't track them down on the internet. Some of the names I saw included Princess and Nemo. Before I left, I had to track down the nurse to give her my daughter's epipens. Princess pointed the nurse out to me and said, "Oh, there's Pepto! You can give her the epipens." I just found it extremely funny the name the nurse gave herself. Maybe some Pepto will help soothe my nervous belly!


  1. Hope she does great at camp!

    I'm completely cracking up at the nicknames!

  2. The unfortunate thing about summer camps, as I learned, is that the counselors do not know what autism is, or how to react to any behavioral problems. I learned quickly not to mention the autism, because all it did was give our son a label and not any additional support.

  3. Hope today went well for both of you. Big step out of the nest for her. Go momma, go!

  4. I hope she did well and had a great time today! pepto...I will have to share that with our school nurse.

  5. Can't wait to hear the report on her first day at camp! My daughter could never do it without an aid. You should be very proud and heartened that you can even try such a camp! I hope that it went well...

    Maybe the counselors use nicknames to that they don't end up on our blogs :P

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  7. Pepto is hilarious!
    I hope it went very well for her.

  8. Pepto? That is hilarious! I am sure she will do fantastic at camp!

  9. lmbo at Pepto!! What an awesome nurse nickname!

    I am so excited for your daughter over her class swim lessons! It sounds like that positive peer pressure was just right for her - hooray!

    I hope she has a blast at camp! It sounds like a really fun time! I bet she will continue to shock and amaze you :)

  10. Wow - your daughter is really taking some big steps, you must be really proud!

    Pepto - that is too funny.