Wednesday, April 28, 2010

School Carnival! Fun, Fun, Fun!

We're having a big school carnival this Saturday! It's a big fundraiser for my daughter's school. Our school is in California which is having horrible budget problems. The schools have been getting a brunt of the cuts, which is awful considering they were among the worst-funded in the country to begin with! Anyway, it's up to the parent to supplement this money so the kids can get special programs like music, P.E., and computer lab. Actually, we're not talking about fancy programs! So the fundraisers bring much needed money to the schools so that they can provide basic educational needs for our kids.

Being a stay-at-home mom, I feel it's my "job" to help out at the school as much as possible. Also, since my daughter gets additional support because of her special needs, I feel it's important to help the school out where ever I can. So, I volunteered to be a room mom. Yes, I'm that annoying person who calls to see what you want to bring to the class party! As a room mom, I'm supposed to help with the spring carnival. Mostly, I have to put up a sign-up sheet to make sure our booth is staffed during the carnival. I also had to collect money for our class basket, which will be auctioned off. Okay, that doesn't sound like too much to do. I collected some money and purchased some items for the basket! Easy-peasy!

When I checked to see how the sign-ups were coming along, I found out that only one mom signed up! So, I sent out a reminder email for people to sign up. Again, easy-peasy! Except, no one else has signed up yet, still! I guess I'll be spending the carnival at our booth. All day! Fun!

We have a cool booth too--the mystery bag booth! Kids just give us tickets, and we (er, I) will give them a bag containing a toy. It should be a popular booth. I only have to prepare 500 bags this week for the carnival. I moved the boxes of donated toys into the house this morning so I can start working on the bags tomorrow. My husband was looking the boxes over when he saw a really big cockroach come out from one of the boxes! Yikes!

So we had to move the boxes to our driveway, far from the house. We moved all the toys out of the boxes into plastic garbage bags, making sure that we didn't have any more hitchhikers, and closing the bags up tight. Yuck! tomorrow, I get to stuff the toys into the mystery bags! I think I'll do this project in our garage.

Surprisingly, I'm not that excited about the carnival anymore! Go figure! Maybe it's time I found a job!


  1. Hi! Sorry to do this to ya but I had to change my blog name and URL here is my new link if you will visit me again and click follow once more it will update itself! Thanks so much I appreciate it! Love, Julie (The Mommalogues)

  2. we did stuff like that too when we were in Ca. we had fun carnivals too and I was much more involved. Now I just feel like blah when it comes to anything school related.

  3. Wow. There's one more reason why I love this frozen wasteland known as Alaska.... I have NEVER seen a cockroach... Except when some animal dude came to our school with these 6" amazon ones...
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  4. I'm also one of those annoying moms, aka Room Mom. I've been lucky this year that volunteering has not been expected from me because I have a 2 year old and no sitter. Although I have to say I've donated a lot of money and food.

    And I'm also in CA.

  5. Hi
    It is so nice of you to volunteer your time at the school. As a former teacher I can tell you that it is truly appreciated!
    I stopped over from SITS at blog frog. I'm your newest follower.
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