Monday, March 1, 2010

Wow, A Break Would Be Great!

I watched Desperate Housewives last night. It's one of my favorite shows, but I thought last night's episode was not one of the better ones. It didn't help that my husband was watching it with me. He has never seen it before, so I was hoping that he would like it, but as the episode unfolded, it became painfully obvious that he wasn't going to watch it with me again. Ever. I can't say I blame him, based on the quality of last night's show.

There was one story thread that I did enjoy though! I liked watching Gabby move in with Bob and Lee. Just as an aside, the show really needs to have Bob and Lee on more often. They are always so funny! Gabby has also been put to great comedic use this season, so having her hang out with Bob and Lee was so great.

Gabby definitely enjoyed her visit with them: parties, happy hours, and sleeping in! She got a break from her responsibilities of being a mom for a few days, and she enjoyed her time immensely. At the end of the episode, she was confronted with the fact that even though she doesn't have the fun that she used to have, her life has more meaning now.

I can totally relate to this story thread. When I had my daughter at 38 years of age, I actually felt that I had already lived my life. I had an interesting career, traveled extensively, both for work and for fun and was totally ready to settle down and live a more staid life. On many levels, I probably was more ready to than somebody who was much younger. I probably had more maturity and didn't mind the change of life style to a certain degree. However, I think that in some ways, you do miss more of that former life when you know exactly what you're missing. I really miss taking naps when I want to. "Sleeping in" for me now means sleeping until 8 am--and that's a rarity! I no longer have the luxury of not spending every waking moment worrying about another person. A short break from this would be heaven (although I think I would still do the worrying part!).

I recently overheard a mom telling her friends about a short cruise she took with a bunch of women friends and family members to celebrate her 40th birthday. It sounded like what should have been a really fun break from the mommy grind turned into everyone crying or getting mad at everyone else during the course of the trip. I couldn't help but think that would never have happened with me! She said that all ended well. Everyone forgave each other and made up (it kinda reminded me of a warped Love Boat episode). But what a wasted opportunity!

Like Gabby, I don't regret the decision I made to have a child. While my single life was fun, it was pretty empty and meaningless. My daughter's joys reminds me of the joys I had as a kid. Her frustrations bring back memories too! Every day I count my blessings that I have such a beautiful, smart girl (even if she does exasperate me to no end). Still, a mini-vacation would be great. Too bad Bob and Lee aren't my neighbors!


  1. I enjoyed last night's episode, too. I had Tessa at 40, so I was so ready to be done with the whole single, childless thing. I have single friends, male and female, who are in their 40s and, like Bob and Lee, really wish they had a family. Life is hard, busy and stressful with kids... and that's without adding autism to the mix! In the beginning of he show last night, Gabby was folding the laundry and everyone was asking her/telling her to do something. I can relate! But I'd take crazy-busy over being in Catherine's lonely house all by herself. Of course she took care of that matter in her own way... if your husband had stuck around for the end of the show, that might've piqued his interest... LOL.

  2. He was actually enjoying that story thread in the beginning of the show--Catherine's dream! LOL! I agree with you one hundred percent, though! Having kids certainly keeps life interesting!