Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ups and Downs

Flashback a year ago: With a fairly new autism diagnosis, I went to a support group occasionally. The group of moms there were amazing women. They were so inspiring! However, I always felt really depressed afterward because many of their situations were just so bleak. Many had teenagers who were non-verbal and still needed help with pottying and showering. Many of these moms had to deal with their kids hitting them and getting very aggressive--especially with the onset of puberty. Not only did I feel depressed, but I just didn't feel that I belonged in that support group since their issues were so different from mine. So after attending this group for a while, I stopped going to the meetings.

Flash forward to yesterday: I took my daughter to Menchie's (a local frozen yogurt shop where you get to put on your own toppings) to reward her for a week of no tantrums. When we were leaving, Madonna's Like a Prayer was playing, and my daughter started trying out her new hip-hop moves out in the front patio area. I laughed and started dancing alongside her. We were having a great time when I looked up and saw a woman smiling at us. She looked familiar, but I couldn't place where I knew her, so I asked. It turned out that she was the psychologist that ran the support group. She laughed and said that she could see why I stopped coming. I really don't need a support group much anymore--that's a great feeling! I was on a high when I realized that!

The high ended a couple of hours later when my daughter dropped her favorite lollipop on the floor, and I couldn't replace the exact flavor. Yikes! Nevertheless, I'll take today over last year any day!

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