Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Parenthood TV Show

I finally got around to watching the premiere episode of the new television show, Parenthood. If you haven't heard about it, it's based on the Steve Martin movie from around 20 years ago. Twenty years ago? Yikes, I'm getting old! It's been talked about a lot in the autism communities because it features an 8-year old boy who gets diagnosed with Asperger's. The boards I visit have had a lot of posts, and I've purposely been avoiding reading them because I wanted this blog to be my own thoughts. I am dying to read what others think though, and will tear into them as soon as I'm done writing this.

First off, I was a bit disappointed by the show as a whole. It was too melodramatic for my taste, and I didn't think the writing was that great. For example, it seemed like the school (or the police) had to call the parents every other minute or so. That got kinda old! Maybe I'm being critical of the writing because my expectations were high. It also wasn't up to the level of the actors. This was the strength of the show! I thought it was extremely well-acted!

Also, the overall tone of the show felt off to me. I did read that the show creators wanted a show that was equal parts comedy and drama. Where was the comedy? I only saw the drama. Now, in all fairness, my husband and I rented the original movie about 5 years ago, and we were both struck by how serious it was. We both remembered the movie as being a light, Steve Martin comedy, but it wasn't at all! So, I guess I can't fault the show creators too much on this, but they are selling it as being part comedy.

Now, on to the Asperger story line. I thought it was done pretty well. In particular, I really loved the way the parents were portrayed. The tension and confusion they felt with dealing with their son before his diagnosis, then the sadness--and confusion again--when they learned about his diagnosis. It was the one part of the show that resonated with me. No surprise there, but I thought the actors, in particular, did a fabulous job.

Will I watch this show again? I will hang in there for a few more episodes just to see how they handle the Asperger's story thread. But if the writing and overall tone of the show doesn't improve, I'm not going to watch for the duration. Great acting only goes so far!

Now on to read what other parents of autistic kids thought!

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